Member Profile: Fabio Camorani

July 24 2013, 13:01
Fabio Camorani

Location: Forlì, Italy

Education: Electronic Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy

Occupation: Fabio is a lean production and audio expert for a big international company. He also has two small Italian audio brands and a very small top-quality vinyl label.

Member Status: Fabio said he doesn’t recall the exact year he started subscribing to the Audio Amateur publications, but he said it was sometime during the 1990s. He added that he has all the The Audio Amateur and Glass Audio issues, and now he subscribes to audioXpress.

Affiliations: He has been an Audio Engineering Society (AES) member since 2000.

Audio Interests: Fabio said he is interested in all audio aspects, from recording to speakers.

Most Recent Purchase: His most recent purchase was a Fidelity Research FR-1 mk3 phono cartridge.

Current Audio Projects: Fabio is working on a system that contains  a 32-bit dac and four power amplifiers, including one big output transformer-less (OTL) amplifier, a phono preamp, a line preamplifier, and a super phantom power supply unit.

Dream System: Fabio said his dream system is a four-way speaker system with Goto Berillium diaphragms and multiamplified compression drivers. The system would also have eight mono pure triode single-ended amps and an air-bearing turntable.

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