Fresh From the Bench: XiVero MusicScope

November 29 2016, 14:00
In this article audioXpress discusses a new company that certainly deserves attention from our readers. Oliver Masciarotte reviews the affordable but extremely useful MusicScope software, from a relative newcomer to the pro and consumer electronics software space, XiVero, from Germany. 

We have no doubt this useful tool with features not often found even in more professionally oriented software will become a recognized market reference. Oliver Masciarotte was fascinated by the amount of things he discovered and which he intends to explore further in future articles. In fact, since its release, Xivero’s MusicScope has been featured already in multiple audioXpress articles and we expect it will continue to do so, since it really is a valuable audio analysis tool.

As Masciarotte writes, “As file-based music libraries have grown in step with the plummeting price of storage, audio enthusiasts are increasingly faced with the questionable provenance of new and existing assets. Since the introduction of computer-based digital workflows, audio pros have also had to contend with myriad issues related to asset management. MusicScope is a cross-platform desktop application that addresses the need to know more — more about your music files. It plays digital audio in 10 different formats — from common to esoteric — and offers measurement and analysis functions tailored to professionals and modern audiophiles.”

Click here to read the full review now available online.

This article was originally published in audioXpress, October 2016.
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