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AX March: What’s Your Passion?

March 1 2013, 13:01

Many years ago, a children’s book inspired Chuck Hansen’s interest in audio electronics. Soon, the clever kid from New Jersey was listening to New York City AM stations on a kit-built radio and disassembling every dead TV and radio he came across—for the parts.

Hansen went on to become an electrical engineer, aerospace industry consultant, patent holder, and author. In an interview on page 27, he discusses his careers and his lifelong enthusiasm for audio projects.


On page 8, Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis focus on the piezo ceramic tweeter, in their third installment of “Tweeter Talk.” Their article looks at the history and technology of a tweeter that never reached its full potential.

This month’s edition also examines the most common subsystem to fail in audio equipment—the power supply. Many things can disrupt it—from electrical surges to lightning.  How do you know when power supply problems are causing blown fuses or even a complete shutdown of your audio equipment? On page 32, Richard Honeycutt answers that question and more.

Are you an audiophile who has wanted to work with the FINEMET-core transformer in your own DIY project? On page 12, Tadaatsu Atarashi tells us how he utilized an affordable FINEMET-core transformer in his small output amplifier project.


Turn to page 23 for a look at the Apollon speaker system, designed by German engineer Gerd Lommersum. Utilizing a chassis from the Scan-Speak Illuminator series, the freestanding unit includes a subwoofer that “packs a punch.”


In this month’s “Test Bench” on page 36, Vance Dickason reviews the 12FHX76 from B&C Speakers, a driver in the company’s new line of pro sound coaxial speakers.

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