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Audio Update

January 31 2013, 13:01

We’re now a month into the new year. What types of audio projects have you designed and installed? We’re interested, so send us an e-mail with “audio update” in the subject line and include details about your latest project. We’re interested in tube projects, DIY speaker setups, hi-fi product reviews, and more.

If you haven’t decided on your first 2013 project, you’ll likely get some excellent ideas from this issue. We feature audio product reviews, speaker design tips, and more. Let’s look at the details.

On page 8, Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis deliver the second article in their series, “Tweeter Talk.“ They present different tweeter styles and cover the balanced drive tweeter.

Turn to page 12 for Gary Galo’s review of Wyred 4 Sound’s µDAC USB D/A Converter. He covers its features  and sound.

The third “session” in Richard Honeycutt’s “Speaker Design School” series begins on page 16. He details “the nuts and bolts of speaker design.”

Even if you attended CEDIA 2012, check out David J. Weinberg’s thorough review of the expo on page 20. He presents information about the innovative sound processing, speaker, headphone, and technologies that were on display.

If you’re an electric guitar player, you’ll enjoy Chuck Hansen’s review of Helmuth Lemme’s book, Electric Guitar: Sound Secrets and Technology (Elektor 2012).

On page 29 you’ll find an interview with loudspeaker expert Charlie Hughes. He highlights his audio interests and describes some of his past and present projects.

The third article in Richard Honeycutt’s series “Power Supplies for Hollow-State Equipment” appears on page 34. He covers power, tube selection, and more.

Vance Dickason wraps up the article portion of the issue with a look at the Motus UH25CTi. You’ll find it’s an interesting high-frequency dome tweeter.


C. J. Abate

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