Standards Review - RAVENNA: The Scalable Audio Network Solution

November 10 2014, 05:00
RAVENNA is a network audio distribution technology promoted by a strong group of companies. Its technical implementation is handled by ALC NetworX, based in Munich, Germany. As officially described, RAVENNA is a phase-accurate synchronized solution for realtime distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments, using standardized network protocols and technologies.

Being a real-time distribution technology for audio and other media content, RAVENNA was designed to meet the strict requirements of the pro-audio market in terms of low latency, full-signal transparency, and high reliability as required by broadcast applications (radio and television) and recording environments.

In 2014, RAVENNA was also introduced to new market segments, especially in the fixed installation / integrated AV sector and signal distribution in live events, while new companies joined the RAVENNA partnership and several key products were introduced. Most importantly, RAVENNA is now the first AES67-compatible solution available on the market.

The first part of this article series explains the RAVENNA audio network distribution and how it is promoted and implemented. The second article digs deeper into the technology, looking closer at the implications of the recent AES67-2013 standard on high-performance audio-over-IP (AoIP) interoperability, and the possibilities available with control protocols including the ongoing Open Control Architecture (OCA) Alliance effort. The article also details some examples of companies that decided to adopt this AES67-compatible, Layer-3 IP protocol. In the second part, Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA’s Senior Product Manager at ALC NetworX, also responds to audioXpress questions about the RAVENNA technology and ongoing industry efforts.

RAVENNA: The Scalable Audio Network Solution (Part 1)
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RAVENNA: A New Framework for Audio-Over-IP (Part 2)
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