Show Report: Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

January 19 2016, 03:00

Different, Upbeat, Younger High-End Audio

Here is the full show report from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015, which Oliver Masciarotte found to be less crowded, different, upbeat, and certainly younger. He returned so impressed with what he saw and heard that it took him 9 pages just to compile the highlights and impressions! Now available online.

“Another high-end audio show, another road trip. After a brief overnight stop in Lincoln, Nebraska, I rolled into Denver, CO, prepared for the usual crush of gear and geeks at the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF). Though the crush didn’t materialize until Saturday, the huge quantity of new product introductions kept me busy. Here’s a sampling of what I found of interest at the 12th annual RMAF and CanJam at RMAF 2015, which took place October 2–4 2015,” accounts Masciarotte on the article we published on the January 2016 edition of audioXpress.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) is the premier event in the United States for high-end audio and increasingly also for headphone and personal audio experiences. The 12th edition featured great seminars and product launches, from affordable audio systems to ultra-expensive high-end gear and CanJam at RMAF — a show within a show organized by — featuring the latest in headphone technology. RMAF is also a great show for product introductions, away from the noise of other CE-oriented trade shows. The RMAF also features live entertainment and informative seminars, equipment show specials, and prize drawings throughout the weekend.

Read the complete report here.
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