Yamaha Introduces Dedicated Online Tool To Simplify Background Music System Design

November 20 2019, 00:10
Designing a successful background music (BGM) system, even for small spaces, is usually something that only a professional systems integrator can do properly. The Yamaha In-store Music System Advisor (YIMSA) is a new online tool, dedicated to the BGM market, which provides system recommendations based on the input of some basic, easy to understand details.

With the introduction of Yamaha’s new online tool, YIMSA, designing BGM systems for small to medium-sized premises will be quicker and free of any cost. Unlike other tools, YIMSA is designed so that users do not need an in-depth knowledge of audio or be aware of the Yamaha product range. It asks straightforward questions like “What is the atmosphere of the store?” and “What quality of music is desired?” with simple buttons to choose the answers

When these questions have been answered and the size of the space entered, YIMSA will recommend a choice of ‘good’ or ‘best’ solutions, based on Yamaha’s VXS and VXC series speakers and MA/PA series amplifiers. The recommendation will also suggest speaker layouts for the system.

YIMSA is free to use, it will work in any web browser and supports 10 languages.

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