Yamaha Announces Fourth Generation Active Field Control System

June 7 2019, 01:45
Yamaha announced an upcoming upgrade to its Active Field Control (AFC) acoustic enhancement system. According to Yamaha, the new AFC4 (fourth generation) system features significant upgrades in DSP processing and hardware. When combined with optimally placed microphones and loudspeakers, AFC4 operators can greatly enhance or create any acoustic environment, even in an outdoor or roofless venue. The new updated solution will be part of Yamaha's presentations scheduled for InfoComm 2019.

“As a manufacturer of musical instruments, innovative professional audio products and with our experience in designing numerous performance spaces, Yamaha has unique insights into the nature and behavior of sound creation and acoustics,” says Joe Rimstidt, systems design engineer at  Yamaha’s Professional Audio division.

“By combining our collective knowledge in these areas to develop the new AFC4 system, it is possible to create incredibly natural and immersive acoustic experiences for both audiences and performers. We look forward to the exciting possibilities that the future holds for the AFC4 acoustic enhancement system.”

First released in 1985, the Active Field Control solution was developed in response to the growing number of facilities adopting a multi-purpose use strategy and designed to help venue operators broaden the types of acoustic performance configurations that they could offer. Providing a cost-effective and flexible alternative to more expensive and time-consuming physical renovations, AFC allowed venue operators to quickly configure different acoustic characteristics for a space, without compromising its original sonic performance.

Yamaha is exhibiting at Booth 6461 (Professional Audio), Booth 4961 (Unified Communications) and in demo room W224D at InfoComm 2019 (June 12-14). Show visitors can experience AFC4 for themselves in room W224D.
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