Waves Unveils Nx Speakers 3D Audio Technology at CES 2020

January 14 2020, 00:20
The Waves Maxx suite of audio and voice modules with Waves Nx 3D audio already enhances the sound experience on millions of laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, headphones, and is available on SoCs from the world's foremost chip makers. Now, with the new Waves Nx Speakers audio technology, any music, movie, or game expands into 3D, delivering a 3D audio experience on laptops, tablets, 2-in-1s, and more without subwoofers or special formats.

Recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award, Waves is recognized globally as an innovation leader in adaptive audio technologies for consumer electronics. Waves Maxx is one the most extensive, advanced voice and audio technology suites on the market, and Waves Nx 3D audio already delivers immersive experiences on best-selling gaming headsets from Turtle Beach, HyperX, and Audeze. Now Waves is taking Nx to the next level with the introduction of Waves Nx Speakers. 

Nx Speakers is a breakthrough 3D audio technology that brings a movie theater sound experience to laptops, tablets, portable speakers, and more. The Waves Nx Speakers solution is able to generate a panoramic depth and width that seems to radiate from the physical confines of the speakers from any listening position. Any content generates an immersive 3D experience without extra speakers or special digital formats required.

“This is a surround sound upgrade that the consumer electronics industry has been waiting for, made portable, and available now. With Nx Speakers, any music, movie or game explodes into brilliant 3D audio, delivering stunning panoramic depth and width that seems to radiate from the physical confines of the speakers from any listening position,” Tomer Elbaz, EVP & GM, Consumer Electronics Division of Waves says.

“Waves Nx, on speakers or headphones, represents the perfect union of our professional and consumer audio technologies. Waves has combined our best studio technologies to ensure that listeners can experience true immersion with 3D audio that delivers the deep emotion of studio quality sound," he adds.

By uniquely combining transaural playback with human hearing modeling, head-tracking, and special filtering, Waves Nx Speakers delivers a 3D audio experience without subwoofers or special formats. The technology uses a transaural algorithm that creates separations between left and right sound channels. With that separation in place, Nx Speakers technology applies psychoacoustic filtering to expand the soundscape beyond the physical speakers. Next up, using Waves’ high resolution head-tracking, the Nx Speakers solution steers the sweet spot to follow the listener, delivering the best possible sound whether the listener is centered or off-axis.

Given that the human brain has evolved to precisely and instantly detect where sounds are coming from, Waves developed a specialized suite of sound filters for Nx Speakers that corresponds to the shape of our heads and activates our instinctive ability to perceive sound in 3D. But 3D audio is a play on physics. It warps the perception of reality and that kind of magic can have an impact in sound quality. Waves perfected the solution to ensure that, even with the power of Nx Speakers 3D audio spatialization, the character and quality of the original mix is preserved.

With Nx Speakers, portable PC users can now enjoy an improved cinematic experience, taking blockbuster films, binge TV shows, and top-selling games to a new level of sonic intensity. More details about the technology will be provided to interested OEM partners who contact Waves.
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