Voice Coil March 2017 Is Ready. Get All the Loudspeaker Industry News and Updates

February 24 2017, 02:00
The March 2017 edition of Voice Coil is now available. To start, you can read everything you need to know about the 2017 ALMA International Symposium And Expo (AISE), with impressions of the event compiled by Mike Klasco and comments from many of the participants. AISE 2017 was a very successful event, benefiting from a revitalized leadership, headed by Peter Andrews, President of ALMA International. The organization implemented several significant improvements for this year’s event, starting with a new floor plan that maximized traffic through the exhibits. This was crucial to create a lively environment, as attendees to AISE 2017 had to pass the exhibit floor. audioXpress and Voice Coil magazines were available, providing for many conversations and exchanges.
In Industry News & Developments, Vance Dickason highlights new driver technology from Fibona Acoustics, a company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fibona has introduced a new patented driver technology Enclosure Magnet Coaxial Transducer (EMCT), developed by Milad Kahfizadeh, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in acoustic design.
Christopher J. Struck shares his Technical Notes on “A, B, & C Weighting and Their Relationship to the Equal Loudness Contours.” As the Struck explains, the overall level of an acoustical measurement is often given as a weighted value. Before calculating the level, the signal is processed by filtering in the same way the sensitivity of hearing for the average human varies with frequency. This processing simulates the equal loudness contours.
Mike Klasco also discusses advances in “Engineering Simulation Software” for speaker design. The article discusses how simulation software has been evolving and provides valuable updates on recent developments from COMSOL's Multiphysics package following the recent webinar promoted for ALMA members and the 12th COMSOL Conference that took place in Boston, which was attended by acoustic FEA modeling expert Alex Butler. In his overview, Butler shares his impressions on FEA Modeling with both COMSOL and ANSYS.
Klasco also compiled a directory of Simulation And CAD Audio Design Software manufacturers to complement the article.
In this month's Test Bench, Vance Dickason characterizes two new compression drivers from FaitalPRO and Celestion. Specifically, Dickason looks at the new HF142 1.4” neodymium motor compression driver with the LTH142 60° × 50° horn from Faital and, from Celestion, the new CDX1-1447 1” ferrite motor compression driver with the new H1-7050 “No Bell” 70° × 50° horn.
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