VocoPro Launches Digital Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver for Powered Speakers

January 22 2018, 02:50
For bands who are tired of working within the limits of speaker cables during their PA setup, karaoke specialist VocoPro announced its new DigiNet, a professional digital wireless audio transmitter and receiver package for powered speakers to create a completely wireless PA experience. The VocoPro DigiNet System provides an affordable, plug-and-play digital transmission solution.

VocoPro is a California-based professional audio company, founded in 1991, and a name synonymous with professional karaoke systems and wireless microphone systems. VocoPro introduced a dedicated wireless audio system for powered speakers almost 10 years ago, using analog wireless transmission. The company’s new DigiNet all-digital design means there are no unexpected white noise bursts caused by signal interference, which can happen with some analog wireless systems. DigiNet’s wireless digital transmission also protects high-powered speakers from blowouts, which can happen from white noise bursts.

Using DigiNet, powered speakers can be placed anywhere a band or group desires using a stable XLR connection with no need for limiting and potentially hazardous speaker cables. Equipped with balanced XLR input and outputs, bands get the professional full-frequency range quality of an XLR connection minus the cable, since audio transmission is provided wirelessly on the 900 MHZ frequency range, avoiding television broadcasting interferences. A built-in rechargeable battery eliminates the need for additional power plugs and lasts up to 8 hours. The unit’s rugged aluminum housing is lightweight and gig-proof.
The system is completely plug-and-play, with no set up required, providing 16 channels from which to manually select. The VocoPro DigiNet Stereo transmitter provides balanced XLR-1/4” combo Left and Right input jacks, while the Mono receivers provide balanced XLR and 1/8” mono outputs, with independent volume control.

Rechargeable battery operates up to 6 hours (stereo transmitter) 12 hours (mono receiver) and both can be charged using USB 5V plug while in operation.  The VocoPro DigiNet System retails for $399.00 USD ($299.00 USD MAP).
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