Vitec Takes on Exclusive Distribution of Ultrasone in USA, Canada and Mexico

September 8 2020, 00:10
Vitec Imaging Distribution, the renowned international provider of products and solutions to the photography, film and video production markets, announced that it has taken on exclusive distribution of Ultrasone audio products for the USA, Canada and Mexico. Ultrasone headphones have always been appreciated by media production professionals, with many audio engineers using Ultrasone headphones with S-Logic Plus technology in location because of the improved spatial perception.

Founded in 1991, Ultrasone AG has made a name for itself among audio enthusiasts around the world as one of the leading European developers and manufacturers of headphones. Used in the pro-audio sphere, by successful DJs, and in renowned recording studios, as well as enjoyed by hi-fi enthusiasts, Ultrasone headphones are designed to provide many years of high quality listening. 

The high quality standards of the Bavarian manufacturer are reflected across all aspects of Ultrasone headphones, including the S-Logic technology and use of selected materials. Invented by Ultrasone, S-Logic provides a more natural spatial perception. Whilst conventional headphones push sound directly into the ear from both sides, Ultrasone headphones use the patented S-Logic technology that involves the whole ear, including the outer ear. The headphone transducers are not aimed directly at the ear canal; instead, they are positioned slightly to the front and below the centre. Because of this, sound hits the outer ear first, creating a spatial perception for all stereo sources by involving the anatomy of the ear – no additional electronics needed. This results in impressively natural sound, while directions and distances are reproduced authentically without distortion.

The Ultrasone S-Logic technology also protects the user's ears. Ultrasone headphones require 3 to 4 dB less sound pressure level to achieve the same perceived volume. That results in up to 40% less strain, drastically reducing the risk of hearing damage. It also means less fatigue even during extended listening sessions.

At the company's headquarters, each Ultrasone headset is manufactured in a climate-neutral process using only high quality materials to achieve a sustainable product design from start to finish.

Michael Willberg, CEO of Ultrasone AG, is looking forward to the new distribution cooperation with Vitec: "We want to offer excellent sound to everyone, whether on the road or at home, whether in the hi-fi or pro audio sector. With Vitec we have now found the right distribution partner for the important North American market."

"We are delighted to be working with Ultrasone. The combination of high quality products, technology and sustainable production has made Ultrasone a key player in the audio market. We look forward to developing our partnership and working together,” reinforces Phil Causer, Brand Director, Vitec Imaging Distribution.

The combination of Vitec’s strong sales channel and complimentary products in image and audio accessories are good reasons to expect a positive synergetic effect. All Ultrasone headphones are available from 8th Street Audio, Amazon, Adorama, Audio46, B&H, Electronics Expo, Guitar Center and Moon Audio, with more to be announced. 

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