Vesper and Unisem Announce Assembly Partnership to Deliver Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones at Scale

March 7 2018, 04:00
Vesper announced a partnership with Unisem, a global provider of semiconductor assembly and test services, to manufacture and produce high volumes of Vesper piezoelectric MEMS microphones at scale. The partnership will allow Vesper to seamlessly produce and deliver millions of units. Unisem currently assembles all products from Vesper’s product line, including the new VM1010 for low power applications.

Unisem’s high volume manufacturing capabilities will enable Vesper to meet growing demand for its piezoelectric MEMS microphones. “In today’s ever-changing high tech landscape, the demand for voice-enabled products is through the roof. Vesper and Unisem have created a powerhouse assembly partnership that can now scale to serve any customer,” explains Matt Crowley, CEO of Vesper. “Unisem has factories in Malaysia, China and Indonesia that enable Vesper to meet the demand of our global clientele,” continued Crowley.

“MEMS continue to be a fast-growing segment for Unisem, and we are excited to partner with our customer Vesper as they move to high volume MEMS microphone manufacturing,” says H.L. Lee, Group COO of Unisem.

The partnership is effective immediately and Unisem will continue manufacturing new products developed by Vesper throughout 2018 and beyond.

Vesper is a privately held advanced sensor company based in Boston, Mass. With origins at the University of Michigan, Vesper has developed the first piezoelectric MEMS technology microphone, a very robust technology, water- and dustproof, enabling new applications in harsh environments and reducing material costs up to 50 percent. Vesper's VM1000 microphone device is manufactured using a proprietary MEMS technology based on recent innovations in piezoelectric material for semiconductors and more precisely for the latest BAW filters. The sensing element in the VM1000 is based on a flexible piezoelectric material membrane formed above a cavity, with a design to optimize signal to noise ratio.

In mid 2017, Vesper introduced the VM1010, the first wake-on-sound MEMS microphone that consumes nearly zero power — allowing consumers to voice-activate battery-powered smart speakers, smart earbuds and TV remotes without draining the battery. In November 2017, Vesper announced its newest VM2000 high performance piezoelectric MEMS microphone, targeting  microphone arrays used in voice-activated systems such as smart speakers, and smart home applications. According to Vesper, the VM2000 enhances voice capture and clarity, while ensuring long-term voice performance in harsh environmental conditions, and maintains high system performance over the life of a product. 
The MEMS packaging market will grow to US$6.46 billion in 2022, according to Yole Développement report MEMS Packaging 2017.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Unisem is a global provider of semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) services for many of the world's most successful electronics companies. Unisem provides turnkey services, with factory locations in Ipoh, Malaysia; Chengdu, People's Republic of China and Batam, Indonesia.|
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