V-MODA Unveils BassFit Wireless Sports In-Ears

November 16 2018, 00:10
Always showing impressive designs with straight angles and strong color schemes, Roland's lifestyle headphone brand, V-MODA has announced its first fitness-focused Bluetooth in-ear headphones combine a versatile TriFit design to enhance sport performances, while offering a clear sound signature with strong bass and clear treble definition. The new BassFit Wireless in-ear headphones are now available and "ready to withstand even the most rigorous of workouts," the brand says.

“As an avid runner and workout enthusiast, I have tried countless sport headphones but always found them to have major compromises on sound, fit, battery life and reliability,” says Val Kolton, CEO and founder of V-MODA. “Our first fitness-focused Bluetooth in-ear headphone is an accomplished dream of heart pumping sound, unique stability options and unrivaled comfort, along with industry leading sweat and weather resistance.”

According to Val Kolton, the BassFit Wireless design is the result of an intense R&D effort, resulting in acoustics that maximize deep and precise bass without compromising stress-free unparalleled clarity, while the unique TriFit design provides all the options that users might prefer, between ear hooks, ear fins or a combination of both. The in-ear headphones also feature a battery life to weight (17g) ratio at up to 11+ hours of music and calls on a single charge, benefiting already from a FastCharge feature, allowing for 2.5 hours of playback time from a 15 minutes charge. Using a two layer nanocoating finish, the BassFit in-ears exceed in terms of sweat and weather resistance, with a magnetic closure to secure the earbuds around the neck for all-day use, while on the inside they feature support for the best Bluetooth audio codecs (Qualcomm aptX + AAC). 

“Research shows that music improves sport performance because it stimulates a part of the brain which energizes us, and makes us want to move,” continues Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA. “The low pitch bass, synchronized with the workout activity cadence, increases the adrenaline level and can make the body up to 7% more energy efficient.”

The acoustic bass delivered by BassFit’s 10mm dynamic drivers has been engineered for sport performances without compromising the "vivacious clarity" of V-MODA's sound signature. But more importantly for sports, users no longer have to sacrifice fit and comfort for audio quality, or vice versa, thanks to three different TriFit fitting options that ensure the best possible comfort and support for ears of all shapes and sizes.

TriFit Option 1 includes ActiveFlex metal memory ear hooks that wrap around the outside of the ear, neatly tucked behind, so the earbuds stay securely in place without ever falling out while running or during strenuous exercise. The flexible material can be adjusted to fit ears of all sizes.

TriFit Option 2 uses sport ear fins that are ergonomically adapted to the natural shape of the ear, allowing for a snug fit that also stabilizes the earbuds. The soft material mimics that of natural skin for optimal comfort even during longer workout sessions. Small, Medium and Large sizes are included to ensure the best fit.

TriFit Option 3 allows listeners to wear both the ActiveFlex ear hooks and the sport ear fins attachments simultaneously for maximum support and stability, so nothing can hold them back while training.

The in-ears are also complemented with new BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) tips, available in four different sizes, including XS for tiny ear canals, to ensure high-performing noise-isolation. The BLISS fittings enable the vibrant bass, but also the best fit and seal inside the ear, while cutting out unwanted distractions

A magnetic closure secures the earbuds around the neck for easy access when not in use, and an adjustable cable length manager can tailor the cable to sit comfortably around the back of the neck or head. And the BassFit Wireless in-ears come equipped with a smooth, durable cable that is completely tangle free. The cable includes a multifunction 3-button control for volume and music/media playback, make voice calls or command Siri or Google Assistant on Apple, Android or any Bluetooth device, from the built-in microphone. Bluetooth pairing works up to 33 feet (10 meters), and users can pair up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The new V-MODA BassFit Wireless in-ears ship with an exclusive carrying pouch, V-Micro USB Charging Cable (USB-A to USB Micro-USB), and are available in black or white for $130 on V-MODA.com and authorized retailers worldwide. 
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