Ultrasone Introduces Edition 8 EX Mid-Size Headphones with S-Logic EX

November 4 2016, 03:00
With the Edition 8, Ultrasone has created a piece of headphone history and the brand’s best-seller. Now, in 2016, some 8 years after the launch of the Edition 8, Ultrasone introduced the Edition 8 EX - a successor that the company hopes will once again inspire the segment it has created for itself. The new model now combines S-Logic EX spatial listening with a portable design using prime materials for excellent wear comfort, hand-crafted in Bavaria.

Since its premier in October 2008, the Ultrasone Edition 8 was a success for the German brand due not only to its acoustic properties and pioneering design, but also to its size. The closed mid-size headphones can be used at home as exquisite high-end hi-fi components as well as on the go with smartphones, tablets or high-res players. Now, in 2016, some 8 years after the launch of the Edition 8, Ultrasone updated the design with the Edition 8 EX, the first mid-size headphones with S-Logic EX and balanced input. 

According to Ultrasone, the foundation for the new closed-ear headphones starts with the titanium-coated 40-millimeter Mylar sound transducer that reveals its “unique audiophile properties” through this exquisite material combination. All the fine details that facilitate balanced input are reproduced precisely. With a frequency range specified from 5 to 46,000 Hz, the driver covers more than the range of human hearing. When fine-tuning the headphones, Ultrasone drew inspiration from its legendary predecessor and made musical enjoyment the priority.

The latest and most elaborate development in the history of S-Logic was, up until now, Ultrasone’s flagship Edition 5 headphones. For the first time the Edition 8 EX offers the same impressive three-dimensional listening for closed mid-size headphones. S-Logic EX is based on a peripherally positioned, funnel-shaped arrangement for the sound transducer, oriented downwards to the front, which results in a much more three-dimensional effect due to more frequent sound wave reflections. Ultrasone describes the resulting sound experience as “virtually indistinguishable from high-end speakers. The S-Logic EX creates a broad stereo platform and a vivid tonal depth gradation that turn both classical and modern music into a unique experience.”

Commenting on the Edition 8 EX design, Ultrasone states it deliberately created “masculine lines”, and “an elegant eye-catcher”. The dark ceramic inlay with the fine laser engraved Ultrasone logo is impressively accentuated together with the high-gloss chrome-plated ear cups and the pale silver aluminum headband. “A classic interplay of dark colors and matt silver that represents technique and passion. The dark grey leather of the ear cushions and on the top of the headband emphasizes the powerful design.”

Even the high-end cable has its part, as it echoes the silver of the headband and thus continues the silver line from the headband to the exquisite high-end audio components. The high-gloss chrome-plated ear cups contrast beautifully with Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather and an aluminum headband with ceramic inlays. And all the Edition 8 EX materials have something in common: they are extremely lightweight. The Edition 8 EX’s excellent wear comfort is largely due to the fact that it weighs only 330 grams and all stand for a sustainable production philosophy and lasting enjoyment with the product.

Paying attention to the very last detail, Ultrasone designed the Edition 8 EX with extremely precise build quality. The ear cushions are connected to the cups by four strong magnets and can be removed easily by applying slight pressure. They are therefore easy to detach when necessary. The cable, designed for balanced operation, connects with trouble-free professional four-pole LEMO connectors.

Every individual Ultrasone Edition 8 EX set of headphones is handmade at Ultrasone’s factory in Bavaria, where great care is taken to assemble each individual component. After manufacturing, every model is put through painstaking testing procedures and, a the end of the meticulous manufacturing process the Edition 8 EX is given an individual serial number.
The new Ultrasone Edition 8 EX headphones are now available in stores.
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