TCL Announces New MoveAudio S200 True Wireless Earbuds

September 4 2020, 00:15
During the hybrid IFA 2020 event, TCL introduced a new pair of true wireless earbuds featuring all the advanced technologies that buyers now expect, but priced at under $100. Directly targeting users of Android smartphones and tablets, including TCL's own multiple devices, the MoveAudio S200 will look familiar to the intended market, first and foremost because they use a form-factor very close to the AirPods, but also because they look exactly like similar recent products from Vivo, OneOther, MeeToo and countless others.

TCL Electronics is one of the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturing conglomerates and also one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics companies from China, now leading particularly in television and mobile device manufacturing. For nearly 40 years, TCL has operated its own manufacturing and R&D centers, with OEM/ODM products sold globally. Now TCL is significantly expanding his efforts with its own TCL brand, particularly in the audio and smart home markets. As TCL stated, the company is transforming from “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China.” 

And of course, very few companies are so well positioned to level the technology playing field in true wireless than TCL. So, the news about the new MoveAudio S200 True Wireless earbuds might be more interesting than it seems. TCL presented the new model as offering "an enhanced audio experience, complete comfort and easy connectivity with all your devices," which basically means doing what's expected of any TWS product, including talking calls and listening to music, wirelessly.

"Like other parts of our TCL consumer technology ecosystem, we're bringing the expertise we have built in home entertainment to the mobile experience which has influenced the development of our TCL MoveAudio S200 True Wireless headphones," says Sharon Xiao, GM of the Smart Connected Device Business Group at TCL Communication. "With this latest addition to our mobile audio lineup, we continue to expand our true wireless portfolio with a focus on ergonomic design, audio quality and of course value; which is core to every TCL product we manufacture."

So, basically, with this new product in the true wireless category, TCL is showing off its ability to do better than existing typical existing products, including at an entry price level, combining value and performance. The TCL MoveAudio S200 model offers ENC noise reduction technology (whatever that is), to help reduce background noise and ensure crystal clear calls. Four built-in microphones use beamforming technology are used to filter out external noise and focus on the user's voice. 

In terms of sound, each compact earbud is equipped with a highly precise and sensitive dynamic moving coil transducer for improved bass and dynamics from a single source. The earbuds connect using Bluetooth 5 and using dual transmission to ensure that each earbud can be used independently and for low latency while watching movies or playing games. The rounded and ultra slim charging case fits easily in any pocket and the earbuds are an IP54 rated design that makes them splash-proof, dust-proof and sweat-proof. As for the loose-fit form factor, TCL calls it "a snug superellipse" design that's comfortable to wear the entire day.

Another feature that TCL highlights in the new MoveAudio S200 model is the "smart wearing detection", which means the earbuds will automatically play or pause songs when the user puts them on or takes them off. Touch gestures are also supported for managing calls, control music, volume and summoning a voice assistant compatible, quickly alerting Google Assistant or Siri with a long press.

For Android devices, the TCL MoveAudio S200 true wireless earbuds improve the traditionally very unpredictable process of Bluetooth pairing with a fast pairing mode. After the mode is enabled, users can simply open the charging case cover and giving it a single tap they will connect to a mobile device, which will also provide the user with a status update on things like battery life. Of course, those features will depend on the Android version installed, the specific mobile device, country-specific restrictions and other idiosyncrasies of the Google-promoted-but-not-controlled, malware-infested, and don't-complain-because-it's-free operating system.

The TCL S200 True Wireless headphones provide up to 3.5 hours of battery life on a single use, or up to 23 hours of battery life in the USB-C charging case. The earbuds are available in three color options: white, black or teal blue and will retail globally for only $99 or 99 EUR, starting at the end of the September 2020.
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