Tascam Model 12 Integrated Production Mixer and Recording Interface Now with Carry-On Bag

March 26 2020, 00:10
Announced at NAMM 2020 in January and now with the initial shipment already sold out, Tascam reported that its second wave of Model 12 mixers are on the way and will be available via authorized in-store and authorized online retailers soon. Just in time for the compact Model 12 availability, Tascam has introduced a dedicated carry bag for the unit, the CS-Model 12, allowing users to leverage the mixer features in live sound and podcast applications, recording in the field, and basically carry their project studio everywhere they go.

Ideal for multimedia content creators, Tascam’s Model 12 Integrated Production Suite multitrack recording mixer brings a new level of workflow efficiency to desktop-style audio and multimedia production, small format live performances, podcasting, live streaming and more. Following the same concept of the hugely successful Model 24, and the updated Model 16, the new compact design (and even more affordable price) of the Model 12 allows everyone who usually would use a compact USB audio (12-in and 10-out with USB Type-C connector) and MIDI interface to record, to have an integrated solution with nice preamps, DI inputs for instruments, Bluetooth 5.0 input with AAC, and track mixing at a very affordable price. And it's so much nicer to work with nice 60mm faders instead of knobs. No wonder the first available product batch of the Model 12 sold-out fast.
Now, to further enhance the Model 12’s value, Tascam has introduced the CS-Model 12, a custom-fit, rugged carrying bag that helps protect the Model 12 in on-the-go production environments.
In the Model 12, Tascam used the rear panel for the connections and added an updated USB Type-C connector, among other valuable features.

Made of heavy-duty fabric and weighing less than two pounds, the CS-Model 12 carrying bag features an extra layer of padding sewn into the internal lining to protect knobs and switches from damage. The bag’s dimensions are custom-measured to match the Model 12’s small format footprint and profile, helping ensure a snug fit during transport.

The bag can be zipped up from both sides once the Model 12 is inside. An external side pocket with two metal zippers provides ample room for storing mics, cables, SD cards or other peripherals. A heavy-duty shoulder strap with metal clasps securely sewn to the bag supports hands-free transport of the unit. Additionally, two securely sewn-on fabric handles provide a hand-held carrying option.

While designed to specifically fit the Model 12, the CS-Model 12’s size and features – pocket, padding, strap, handles, and rugged fabric – also make it a perfect option for transporting other types of gear, including small format mixers, microphones, cables, Tascam small format Portastudios and trainers, audio/MIDI interfaces, handheld and field recorders such as the Tascam DR-70D, and more.
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