Stetron Announces the Development of a New 57mm (2.25”) 520 Hz Low Frequency Driver For Fire and Safety Applications

August 22 2018, 01:10
Stetron announced the development of a 520Hz low frequency new miniature loudspeaker designed especially for the Fire Alarm and Protection Industry. Featuring a slim design with a Mylar cone, which renders it water resistant, the Stetron D0057008NM127AR low frequency driver was designed to be used in UL217 approved products and complies with UL 217 performance requirements. This low profile driver is able to achieve high SPL, with a small foot print of only 2.25" (57mm).

The new D0057008NM127AR 520 Hz low frequency driver from the Buffalo, NY, company was designed to meet all the performance requirements stipulated in section 84 of UL 217, and also requires a very low current, making it suitable for battery powered devices. Despite its physical size, this 57mm x 17.5mm driver has a high output SPL of minimum 91.2dB measured at 1W/1m and a rated input power of 2W rms, making it suitable for use in products intended for fire and safety applications.

Established in 1965, Stetron is a premier supplier of custom audio solutions with a demonstrated expertise in optimizing engineered components including microphones (ECMs), dynamic receivers and loudspeakers. Stetron’s Asian based manufacturing coupled with North American engineering, delivers technically advanced products at competitive prices.

In order to provide the highest level of technical support in the industry, Stetron maintains a full anechoic chamber and uses sophisticated software to measure a number of parameters including: THD, Life and load testing, Thiele-Small Parameters, Impedance and reliability. Stetron maintains a global presence with offices in Toronto, Canada; New York, United States; Taipei, Taiwan; and Ningbo and Foshan, China.
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