Launches New Website to Support Expanded Manufacturers Library Data

September 2 2019, 00:10
System design software providers,, have announced the launch of their brand new website that has been completely rebuilt on the Angular framework. The company has chosen to keep the overall look similar to the previous version, but the difference is instantly noticeable when it comes to navigating around the site. It is now lightning fast thanks to new code that has been written from the ground up based on the Angular framework.

Since 1995 has been a leading provider of software solutions to the entertainment technology sector, offering a range of award-winning system design, documentation and control solutions as well as providing OEM software solutions for corporate customers. With an installed customer base of over 40,000 users spanning 83 countries, Stardraw's design/documentation applications have become the leading industry-specific software, in use by AV professionals.

The company's seventh-generation application for AV systems integrators, Stardraw Design 7.3, is not just a drawing tool, but an integrated project design and documentation system which is fast, easy to use, powerful and flexible, with access to a library of over 100,000 symbols from more than 900 of the industry's leading manufacturers, including all the major audio brands.

Created for manufacturers, distributors and resellers of configurable products, Stardraw Design Online allows users to design custom systems quickly, easily and accurately. And with the Stardraw Design Online service, users can build their own custom application containing the products they want, with the data they want, and deploy it via their own website, without the time and expense of custom software development. Any custom application built with Stardraw Design Online is cross-platform and mobile, so it works on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, and it's directly accessible on any device, with any web browser. Stardraw Design Online applications can currently be used to configure 19" rack enclosure systems and to design custom panels.

With the new website based on Angular, an open-source web framework originally developed by Google for building large-scale, dynamic web applications, all the navigation and access to extensive libraries and online tools becomes a faster experience. This includes Single Page Applications (SPAs) which update the Page dynamically without needing to refresh or redraw the whole Page. The first Page is loaded very quickly, and other pages are downloaded in the background so that they are immediately available when required. The result is the ability to deliver rich, dynamic content in a fraction of the time of traditional websites, instead behaving more like a desktop application.

“The website has always been data-heavy and is only getting more so as time goes on,” observes CEO, Rob Robinson. “Stardraw Design 7.3’s manufacturers’ Symbols Library alone now contains over 110,000 symbols from 976 manufacturers and is growing every day. Users can quickly drill down into the Library to check the data we hold for each manufacturer, as well as checking their own account and subscription status, along with the progress of any Product Requests they make.

"The site also contains comprehensive e-commerce capabilities including a product wizard to help you choose the right package. In short, the website contains a phenomenal amount of data and functionality that we and our customers require access to all the time. It therefore made complete sense for us to move over to a framework like Angular that allows us to deliver all this information in the blink of an eye and facilitates online applications like Stardraw Design Online.”

“As anyone will tell you, there is little as frustrating as a website that takes ages to load and navigate, especially when you need the information it holds to do your job,” he continues. “I’m pleased to say that all such frustrations are a thing of the past at We invite you to try the new site out for yourself – we guarantee you’ll be impressed, even at slow connection speeds.”
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