Sound Device 8-Series Mixer-Recorders Run CEDAR Noise Suppression Plugin

January 28 2021, 00:35
Sound Devices announced a collaboration with CEDAR Audio that allows renowned CEDAR noise suppression technology to run directly on Sound Device's 8-Series mixer-recorders. The CEDAR sdnx plugin for 8-Series is available for purchase at the company's online store in versions with 2, 4, and 8 instances of suppression that can be inserted on any combination of channels and buses selected by the user. The plugin functions at sample rates up to and including 96kHz and has near-zero latency.

In many different industries, from film production to forensic activities, British company CEDAR has become synonymous with real-time, low-latency, and artifact-free audio restoration and noise suppression. CEDAR sdnx brings CEDAR Audio's highly-regarded noise suppression technology to Sound Device's 8-Series mixer-recorders, which use a powerful processing architecture with multiple FPGAs and a six-way ARM multiprocessor system with 64-bit audio processing precision. This is what enabled Sound Devices to offer its own NoiseAssist noise suppression plug-in, MixAssist to reduce unwanted microphone and room noise, and the sophisticated Ambisonics and Musician plug-ins, which are able to convert the portable multitrack audio recorder into sophisticated production systems for spatial audio and music production.

Now, developed by CEDAR for Sound Devices, sdnx is a noise suppression technology designed specifically for the Scorpio and other 8-Series mixer/recorders from Sound Devices. Drawing upon CEDAR's decades-long expertise in the field of noise reduction, sdnx differs from hardware solutions such as the CEDAR DNS 2 and DNS 8D dialogue noise suppressors by offering a modified algorithm optimized for Sound Devices systems and a simplified user interface with just a single attenuation control per instance. Together with its near-zero latency, this makes it ideal for use in the field, allowing users to record clean audio for dailies and confidence checking as well as providing viable alternatives to the mixes and ISOs supplied for post production.

"Over the last few decades, CEDAR has become synonymous with real-time, low-latency, and artifact-free audio restoration and noise suppression. That's why sound professionals put their trust in them everyday," says Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design at Sound Devices. "We are super thrilled and honored to collaborate with the CEDAR team to bring their highly-regarded noise suppression technology to our 8-Series mixer-recorders. This will provide our customers with a powerful tool to capture dialogue in noisy environments."

Previously, using CEDAR with an 8-Series mixer-recorder required a separate hardware unit. This collaboration with Sound Devices marks the first time CEDAR technology has been available in-unit for any portable mixer-recorder. 

"We had been supplying a small number of products to location sound recordists for fifteen years, but when in 2016 we released our first product designed specifically for them – the CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor – we found that many units were being bought for use alongside Sound Devices recorder/mixers," adds Gordon Reid, Managing Director of CEDAR Audio Ltd. "Pretty soon, customers started to ask us whether we were planning to incorporate some form of noise suppression within the recorders themselves. We hadn’t planned on this, but when we spoke to Sound Devices we found that there’s a great technical synergy between the two companies. It proved to be really simple and pleasant to work with the SD folks, and we’re genuinely excited that a specifically crafted version of CEDAR noise suppression will now be available on their recorders."

CEDAR sdnx is compatible with 8-Series mixer-recorders running firmware version 7.40 or higher.
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