Sonarworks Brings Studio Calibration Software Technology to Personal Headphone Enjoyment

January 8 2018, 03:10
European audio software developer Sonarworks announced its new True-Fi technology that removes unwanted sound coloration from headphones so users can have a sonically balanced listening experience, which the company says is closer to “studio sound performance.” The new True-Fi Headphone app, converts Sonarworks experience in monitor and headphone calibration for studio applications into a personal utility that they believe could maximize headphone investments.

True-Fi’s software platform, which supports over 100 of popular headphone models, takes just seconds to configure and employs measurement-based compensation profiles to correct tonal discrepancies that Sonarworks believes are caused by the headphones’ physical construction. “The resulting sound is a closer match to what the artist originally created in the studio — so listeners can experience a closer emotional connection to music in any genre,” Sonarworks states.

The True-Fi platform App, which costs just $79, is compatible with both Mac and PC desktops, and is the company's first consumer offering, building off of Sonarwork's deep expertise in the recording studio industry. Currently, Sonarworks' acoustic calibration software and DAW plugins are used in thousands of studios and relied on by top studio mixers and mastering engineers around the world. True-Fi was first unveiled at CanJam Europe in Berlin, November 2018.

“The biggest problem music listeners experience today is not in the file and stream quality, but the playback,” commented Helmuts Bēms, CEO and co-founder of Sonarworks. "True-Fi uses proprietary, research-driven technology to audibly improve the performance of loudspeakers and headphones. True-Fi stays true to the promise in its name, helping listeners experience the artists' true intention."

In addition to offering wide compatibility with most computers, True-Fi is constantly updating its software by adding compatible headphone models. Apart from calibration and direct adjustments of the headphone response, the software enables consumers to personalize their listening preferences and meet their own hearing requirements.

Currently, the software supports sample rates of up to 96kHz and the company plans to announce support of higher sample rates in the near future. True-Fi is available for purchase on Sonarworks' website.
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