Simulation On-The-Go with COMSOL Client for Android

April 30 2019, 00:35
COMSOL Client for Android app is now available in the Google Play store. COMSOL Client for Android enables engineers, scientists, and students to to run COMSOL Multiphysics simulation applications from an Android device, on the road, and without being limited by device hardware. An ideal solution also for anyone who works in the field and needs to have quick access to ongoing R&D work. Another important way to make multiphysics simulation more accessible every day.

As COMSOL confirms, the COMSOL Client for Android app is now available. Researchers, engineers, and students are now able to perform simulation tasks from their Android devices, such as phones, tablets, and Chromebooks simply by connecting to the COMSOL Server software which runs the computations remotely.

COMSOL Client for Android expands on the capabilities of the Application Builder and COMSOL Server by enabling users to take their simulation applications on the road, without being limited by their device hardware. “COMSOL Server allows users to run simulations through web browsers or desktop-installed clients,” explains Daniel Ericsson, Applications Product Manager, COMSOL. “COMSOL Client for Android expands on those capabilities by introducing a more seamless user experience on Android devices.”

“Using COMSOL Multiphysics and its Application Builder I can create models and build apps based on them. This allows other departments to test different configurations for their particular requirements and pick the best design,” comments Sam Parler, Research Director at Cornell Dubilier.
The Application Builder and COMSOL Server were developed to make multiphysics modeling more accessible to a wider audience. The Application Builder allows simulation specialists to create custom-made applications based on their multiphysics models.  With COMSOL Server, organizations have been able to deploy industry-specific analysis tools in a streamlined and quick to implement format that can be scaled for global benefit.
“Expanding the reach of multiphysics modeling is at the core of our mission,” adds Daniel Ericsson. “COMSOL Client for Android will allow everyone from design engineers to field technicians be more efficient with the ability to run COMSOL Multiphysics simulations from the palm of their hands.”
Just like COMSOL Client for Windows, the simulations are run on remote servers, so users are no longer limited by the device hardware. Administrators continue to have full control over who can access and run the apps by using COMSOL Server. Android users will have the latest version of a simulation application each time they open the app.
Learn more about COMSOL Client for Android here.
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