Sennheiser Introduces HD 200 PRO Home Studio Headphones

January 27 2017, 03:10
At the NAMM 2017 show in Anaheim, California, Sennheiser introduced the new HD 200 PRO studio headphones. Targeted at aspiring musicians, experienced content creators or ambitious producers, the new all-purpose closed-design circumaural headphones offer an ideal entry point into the world of home recording, and a perfect partner for enjoying music with excellent sound quality.

The closed HD 200 PRO headphones have been developed for home recording and production, offering users an accessible entry point with all the benefits of Sennheiser’s characteristic sound performance. Based on Sennheiser’s successful HD 400 series, the HD 200 PRO is tailor-made for monitoring use. Thanks to its accurate sound image, users can mix even the finest nuances of sound when working in their home studios.

“The HD 200 PRO headphones offer a strong, precise audio reproduction for every monitoring application and every budget,” explains Jannik Schentek, Portfolio Manager Live Performance and Music at Sennheiser. “In developing the HD 200 PRO, we focused on optimizing its excellent sound properties for work in home studios, while at the same time giving the user the opportunity to also really enjoy listening to the music they love.”
The HD 200 PRO is also an ideal solution when recording groups, smaller bands or live sessions. The circumaural headphones shield the wearer from outside noise, enabling total concentration on the recorded sound. With its comfortable ergonomic design, the HD 200 PRO offers excellent wearing comfort even over long recording sessions: The leatherette ear pads mould to the wearer’s head, the headband is comfortably taut and the earphones’ weight is optimized for long sessions.
The HD 200 PRO is fitted with powerful Sennheiser dynamic drivers with an impedance of 32 ohms. The headphones come equipped with a 2 m long cable with a straight 3.5 mm headphone jack and a 6.3 mm adapter.
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