Scosche BoomBUOY Outdoor and Waterproof Wireless Speaker Floats in Water

November 25 2016, 04:00
Scosche, a consumer electronics company from California, released the latest in its line of waterproof wireless speakers: the BoomBUOY. Optimized for outdoors, the BoomBUOY features a rugged, durable construction with up-firing omni-directional sound, sending music in all directions. The BoomBUOY boasts a 3W 50mm speaker and passive radiator to produce rich, clear sound. The IP67-rated dust and waterproof speaker also features a buoyant construction that allows it to float in water.

In consumer electronics innovation often is the result of a simple combination of the right technologies, design and finding the correct user scenario, exciting the imagination of potential users. With portable wireless speakers clearly an upward trend for the audio industry, waterproof speakers are on demand. While most consumer lifestyle brands focus on sports and active lifestyle, listening to music is something that most users do while relaxing at home, by the pool… The Scosche BoomBUOY seems to be the right product for those situations.

Additional essential features of the BoomBUOY include a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 7 hours of playtime, a carbineer to conveniently attach the speaker to a backpack for on-the-go listening and an included Micro USB cable. It also comes pre-charged, so users can use it right out of the box. Integrated side panel control buttons allow users to easily play/pause, skip tracks and control volume.

Ideal for camping or enjoying a day at the pool, the BoomBUOY is available now in Black/Space Grey and Tech Sport Grey for $39.99 MSRP. Yes, it's basically a cheap Bluetooth 3.0 plastic speaker and your dog is probably going to love jumping into the pool and chewing it. But for that price you can buy a set of four and make crazy experiments with multiple speakers playing by the water.

Founded in 1980, Scosche Industries is a consumer technology company with over 100 patents/trademarks and a rich heritage in audio and mobile technologies. Scosche finds inspiration in the California lifestyle, culture, music and people. These influences can be seen in the accessories and products that are now in the hands, homes, offices and vehicles of people in over 50 countries.
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