Schoeps Introduces Mono Upmix and Double MS Plug-Ins Distributed by Plugin Alliance

November 22 2018, 00:10
German microphone manufacturer Schoeps announced a new set of two software plug-ins which will be an ideal complement for creative microphone use, now available via the online software distributor Plugin Alliance. The first is the Double MS plugin, which decodes a Double MS microphone setup to a stereophonic signal. Available for AAX, VST3 and AU formats, this free plug-in takes 3 microphone signals and provides a 2.0 Stereo or 5.0 Surround output using an algorithm developed by Swiss audio processing specialist Illusonic. The second is the Mono Upmix plugin that turns a mono signal into a pleasantly open sounding stereophonic or LCR signal.
According to Schoeps, Double MS is the most sought-after 5.1 surround technology application reported by users of the famous high-quality German microphones. A flexible technique for Stereo and Surround recording, Double MS utilizes three microphones the signals of which are dematrixed in post-production to get a discrete 5.0 surround mix. To make the most of this technology, Schoeps, together with partners, has been able to drastically expand its range of setups with suspensions and windscreens. Fittingly, a new free Double MS plugin is now released, which decodes the three signals of a Double MS microphone setup and thus can produce an optimized signal in stereo or surround in post-production. The plugin has been a favorite tool for film mixing engineers for years, which can decode and edit ambience recorded in Double MS.

Developed in collaboration with Illusonic, a privately held company founded in Switzerland by Christof Faller and Renata Faller-Mistunova specializing in audio processing technologies and reproduction, the Schoeps Double MS plugin allows the tailor-made, intuitive dematrixing of a Double MS signal and creates virtual microphones in the horizontal plane. This approach is very similar to a 1st order Ambisonics microphone, and the decoding of the input signals happens in real time and is visualized by the polar patterns in the plugin window, allowing to manipulate the diffuse sound level and correlation, introduce delay and lowpass on the rear channels and control output gains independently. Standard two-, four- and five-channel output configurations are available as presets, with input and output level metering.

This plugin is calibrated for the Schoeps Double M/S Microphone, but it will also work with any other Double M/S Mic Setup.

The also new Schoeps Mono Upmix plugin turns a mono signal into a pleasantly open sounding stereophonic signal. Basically, it improves the sound color and spatial quality of a Mono signal by extracting diffuse sound in the Mono recording and placing it decorrelated on the left and right channels, allowing users to also add depth to the source with a third center channel. This plugin improves the timbre and spatial quality of a mono signal and differs from other conventional upmix approaches as it adds nothing to the original signal and is fully downmix-compatible. Like the Double MS plug-in, the Mono Upmix algorithm was developed in collaboration with Swiss specialist Illusonic.

As Schoeps explains, the application is mainly seen in the areas of film sound and music recording, but also in commentary and interviews in broadcasting. While the sound of a monophonic dialogue signal is significantly improved with the plug-in in film and broadcasting applications, in music recording it will be possible for support microphone signals to be integrated at a higher level and more homogeneously into a mix. In general, the use of the plugin always makes sense when monophonic room signals are present.

The plugin is available in a "1to2" version for L/R as well as in a "1to3" version for L/C/R. The Mono Upmix Plugin is offered for an introductory price of $99 (later $149) with the free trial limited to 14 days use. |
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