Sandhill Audio 6011A Redefines the Ribbon Microphone

January 15 2014, 13:01

Established in 2008 by sound engineers Riku Pasanen, Petteri Taponen, and Sammy Roiha, Sandhill Audio launched its first (and so far only) product in 2011—the 6011A ribbon microphone.

“We’re continuously working on new designs and prototypes and eventually the range will grow,” Taponen says. “However, any product we release has to justify its existence. We will not put out anything just to have more items in the catalog.”

Sandhill Audio’s 6011A ribbon microphone is designed to produce exceptional sound while being free of the usual limitations of ribbon microphone technology. Although primarily meant for high-end studio applications, the microphone is sufficiently versatile that it can also be used in live environments.

Recently, Funky Junk, Europe’s well-known supplier of new and refurbished professional recording equipment and services, has been appointed exclusive UK distributor by the Finnish microphone manufacturer.

Mark Thompson, managing director of Funky Junk, says that Sandhill Audio has “achieved the seemingly impossible; they’ve designed a microphone that retains the airy warmth of the best ribbon mics with a rugged construction capable of coping with a kick drum, a jumbo jet, or a producer screaming at a tape op. The Sandhill 6011A isn’t cheap, but great performances demand great microphones. We carry demo stock for discerning tests.”

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