Roswell Mini K47 Microphone Upgraded for the Same Price

September 13 2017, 04:00
Roswell Pro Audio updated and re-released its signature Mini K47 condenser microphone with new features that include optimized DC circuitry, improved circuit layout, upgraded signal capacitors, superior finish, and a massively upgraded shock mount. The new mic, with a capsule modeled after one of the most famous vintage microphones of all time, now ships in an aluminum flight case for the same affordable price as the original Mini K47.

"It’s a better product than before, with better accessories, but we didn’t raise the price," explains Matt McGlynn, the founder and the mind behind all the Roswell Pro Audio products. The best-selling Roswell Mini K47 Microphone has been improved with numerous upgrades and new accessories. The microphone's new Black Sparkle powdercoat finish provides sharper looks and superior durability. The new Cutaway shockmount, adapted from the Delphos microphone, provides excellent isolation without preventing placement close to a source. Internal upgrades include European polypropylene signal capacitors and refined DC voltage circuitry.

Roswell Pro Audio was founded in 2015 by microphone expert, Matt McGlynn, with the express goal of delivering boutique microphones quality at affordable prices. The company's first two microphones, the Mini K47 and Delphos, have become a go-to choice on sources as diverse as guitar, vocals, and piano at hundreds of studios since its introduction. As creator of the website, with its extensive database detailing thousands of microphones, McGlynn spent years researching and analyzing the best microphones in the world. He then applied that expertise to designing circuit upgrade kits and replacement capsules for the "DIY audio" community, via Now, with Roswell Pro Audio, McGlynn has distilled this knowledge even further by creating a distinctive line of stellar-sounding boutique microphones that consistently perform far above their price class.

This new Mini K47 delivers a smoother sound and better headroom, while retaining the balanced tone and sibilance reduction qualities of the original design. When producer Ross Hogarth used the Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47 Microphone, he was stunned. "It has a smooth, detailed sound without being overly bright," Hogarth said. "Many inexpensive mics are brittle and harsh. The Mini K47 is warm, and doesn't sound inexpensive. It's a true 'no-brainer' for anyone looking for a great mic at a great value."

Every Mini K47 microphone is extensively tested for polarity, noise, frequency response, and sensitivity, following a minimum 24-hour burn-in. The Mini K47 ships with a signed and dated QC card, Roswell's exclusive Cutaway Shockmount, and a padded aluminum flight case. Its retail price is $399 (MSRP). The Minimum Advertised Price is $299. Roswell also offers a Mini K47 Matched Pair, with two microphones matched to 0.5dB in sensitivity (measured at 1kHz), and about 1.5dB in frequency response, 50Hz–15kHz.
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