Riedel to Acquire Majority Stake in Vienna-Based Antenna Company PIDSO

July 21 2017, 03:00
Riedel Communications has brought on board a powerful new center of expertise through a partnership with PIDSO, a leading manufacturer of innovative and lightweight antennas and antenna systems based in Vienna. With the deal, Riedel assumes a majority financial position in PIDSO, accelerating development of solutions that leverage PIDSO antenna systems with Riedel's industry-leading family of communications systems.
Pictured L-R are Christoph Kienmayer, Founder and Managing Director, PIDSO; Thomas Riedel, Founder and CEO, Riedel; Kai Houben, Director Rental Division, Riedel; Armin Hirsch, Head of Marketing and Sales, PIDSO.

"With its innovative solutions in the field of high-performance antennas, PIDSO not only complements our product portfolio, but also fits right into our company philosophy. Embracing advanced technologies and delivering visionary solutions to real-world challenges have always been part of Riedel's trademark," says Thomas Riedel, Founder and CEO of Riedel. "Both companies will be able to move forward based on a very sound economic and technological foundation, giving our new collaboration the best-possible beginning."

PIDSO offers specialized expertise in the development and manufacture of lightweight antennas and antenna systems that can be integrated easily into existing building spaces. The company's antennas are widely used in the automotive industry, aircraft construction (particularly for unmanned aircraft), logistics control systems, and video/cinema production. With this partnership, Riedel gains an experienced team and deep expertise in custom antenna systems, together with access to new markets such as automotive and aircraft, and the growth market of unmanned systems. 

PIDSO's antenna systems include proprietary developments, customer-specific solutions, high-frequency simulation and measurement services, and prototype construction. PIDSO's addition to the Riedel group will create synergies between the two companies' research and development operations in Vienna that will benefit partners and customers alike.

Riedel recently ventured into wireless intercom beltpacks, designed to replace directly the traditional Motorola two-way radios that have been mandatory for any production crew during big events. For the new Riedel Bolero full-roaming, DECT-based beltpacks, the role of PIDSO's high-performance antennas in providing expanded quality coverage will certainly be an important asset.

"We have been experiencing solid growth, and our partnership with Riedel will accelerate demand for our solutions and pave the way to an even brighter future," says Christoph Kienmayer, Founder and Managing Director of PIDSO. "We're honored to be joining the Riedel brand, one of the strongest in the industry, and we'll have a perfect environment and ideal conditions in which take our business to the next level, especially with regard to internationalization."
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