Radial Starts Shipping Di-NET DAN-TX and DiNET DAN-RX Dante Enabled Direct Boxes

July 18 2017, 04:00
Already previewed at different shows, Radial Engineering announced that the DiNET DAN-TX and DAN-RX, stereo Dante audio converters, are now shipping. The new Dante products signal a significant new commitment from the Canadian company to solving all modern connectivity needs, wireless, networked and long-distance wired. Radial considered carefully all of the engineering aspects for its first AoIP product, while keeping with the company's "problem-solver" tradition.
The DAN-TX and DAN-RX provide a simple and robust solution for sending or receiving two channels of analog audio over a digital Dante-enabled network - the protocols developed by Audinate, and currently the most utilized low-latency audio-over-Ethernet technology in professional and commercial audio applications. 

The new Radial DAN-TX includes 1/4", RCA, and 3.5mm inputs, with a single Ethernet output that allows users to connect any analog device to a Dante network. This range of connector options makes it easy to interface with a CD/DVD player, smartphone, tablet, instrument, or professional audio source such as a mixer or recording interface. When used with mono instruments such as guitar, the DAN-TX provides a thru connection for a stage amp, and includes a trim control that provides +/-10dB of gain. Balanced signal levels up to +24dB can be accepted without distortion, and a high pass filter and -20dB pad can be engaged when required.

The DAN-RX is a two channel Dante receiver that allows to output balanced analog audio at any point on a Dante network. Dual XLR outputs provide connection to a mixing console, amplifier or powered speakers to route audio from FOH to the stage, or to remote rooms within a venue with separate PA systems. A 3.5mm headphone output with level control is also provided to test audio or monitor locally. The DAN-RX connects to the network via a single Ethernet cable, and ground lift is provided on the outputs to reduce buzz and hum from ground loops.
Both the DAN-RX and DAN-TX are built with rugged 14-gauge steel construction and employ high quality 24-bit/96kHz converters for exceptional audio performance. Power for each device can be supplied with a 15V adaptor (included) or via Power over Ethernet (PoE), and both power sources can be used simultaneously for redundancy. 
Street prices is $399.99 USD each for both DAN-RX and DAN-TX.
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