PRV Audio Announces New WG270Ph High SPL Compression Driver with 4x4" Horn

August 14 2019, 00:25
Offering improved performance on a new compact design for easy front load mount, the new WG270Ph is PRV Audio's latest addition to an already extensive range of 1” exit family of phenolic diaphragm compression drivers. The WG270Ph combo pairs the new and improved D270Ph-S 1″ exit driver with the WG11-25 compact 45° x 45° exponential horn. A combo that is all about high output, low distortion vocal reproduction all the way down to 500 Hz, offering a powerful solution for use in high output public address systems.

The WG270Ph features a 2″ phenolic diaphragm with copper wire voice coil and 1” exit, rated for 75 Watts continuous power handling and 106.5 dB sensitivity. According to PRV, this new and improved design based on PRV's existing D250Ph-S 1″ compression driver provides extreme clarity in the critical mid or vocal range and offers a very compact driver design for easy front mount installation. An ideal horn and driver combo for mid range and vocal reinforcement, the complementary WG11-25 plastic wave guide is perfect for conditions where space is a concern.

High temperature copper wire is used for the voice coil that is wound on a Kapton former to withstand high operating temperatures. As the manufacturer explains, the nearly indestructible phenolic diaphragm (available as replacement part# RPD270Ph), that can play down to 500 Hz, is built to resist the elements and is perfect for outdoor use. Given the driver's frequency response covering the all-important vocal range, the mid range compression driver and horn can be a great choice for high power mobile event PAs, gymnasiums, etc. PRV also notes that car audio SPL enthusiasts can use this combo for vocal reinforcement on 3 way systems.

The compact driver was designed for easy front mount installation and essentially derives from the existing D250Ph-S as the company detected there was a market requirement for a more compact driver. The small diameter of the driver makes it easy to install from the front, without detaching the driver from the horn. In its website, PRV supplies a baffle cut out document with assembly instructions in PDF that can be downloaded here.

PRV Audio, was founded in 2006 by a Brazilian group of executives and engineers with previous experience in one of the countries largest loudspeaker manufacturers, and entered the market with a compact line of pro audio and automotive transducers fully dedicated to the Brazilian market. PRV Audio has quickly grown, gradually expanding also its global OEM business. In 2009, PRV Audio opened its own subsidiary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to better serve the growing international demand, and PRV is currently present in more than 64 countries worldwide. 

In early 2018, Executive Director Daniel Costa became the majority shareholder of PRV Audio Group, transferring the company headquarters from Sao Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, BR to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. PRV Audio in Florida now serves as PRV Audio Headquarters, managing R&D departments in Brazil and production facilities in different parts of the world. An expanded energetic and passionate US-based team is now dedicated to the worldwide sales, distribution, and marketing of PRV AUDIO products for every lifestyle.

Senior Chief Engineer Acir Ozelame is responsible for the development of new technologies and continuous innovation of the PRV Audio Line of products, based out of Brazil. His R&D team is closely overseeing PRV Audio’s manufacturing facilities in Brazil, China and Italy, and continues to bring to market an expanded catalog of quality products for different applications.
RPD270Ph replacement phenolic diaphragm for the WG270Ph combo and D270Ph-S compression driver.
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