PoE Texas and CoolGear Join Forces on USB Type-C With Power Delivery On Power Over Ethernet

December 26 2017, 03:10
As many manufacturers including Apple, Google, and Samsung standardize on USB Type-C (USB-C) with the new Power Delivery (PD) protocol, CoolGear and PoE Texas have joined forces to combine USB-C with PD and Power Over Ethernet, significantly lowering the cost of adopting USB-C by eliminating the need for new electrical infrastructure. In early 2018, PoE Texas will launch the POE-USBC-Kit and the AT-USBC-Kit with everything needed to use USB-C PD over Ethernet.

With 10 times the power capacity of earlier USB protocols, USB-C powers modern electronics with the capacity to charge a phone in 15 minutes or simultaneously charge a laptop and power an external monitor. At the high end, it handles up to 100 watts of power (10 times the capability of earlier USB types) ranging from 5 to 20 volts. However, this new PD miracle relies on a chip to chip communication over the USB-C cable. Previous compatibility issues made it difficult to find a charger that worked that wasn’t specially designed for a certain device. 

Coolgear has developed a sleek, micro form factor USB-C PD device with the broadest compatibility profile possible. The CG-DCPD21W is a sleek, cost-effective USB-C PD device with the broadest possible compatibility, tested against iPhone 8, Pixel and Pixel 2, Google Wifi, Nestcam, iPad Pro 12.9”, Samsung S8, Eero Pro, and many others to confirm full compatibility in the AT-USBC-Kit and the POE-USBC-Kit.

PoE significantly lowers the cost of adopting USB-C by eliminating the need for new electrical infrastructure. Unlike USB-C, which can transmit power less than ten feet (three meters) and is uncommon in buildings and homes, Ethernet can transmit power and data 328 feet (100 meters) and is nearly ubiquitous in modern construction.

By leveraging their experience with PoE standards, PoE Texas has tackled the question of power for USB-C PD:

AT-USBC-Kit - a custom 802.3af/PoE+ splitter that supports 25 watts PoE+ (both active and passive).
24 Volt Passive - For cost conscious users who control both the Power Supplying Equipment (PSE) and the Powered Device (PD), the POE-USBC-Kit uses the 24 volt PoE standard at up to 25 watts.
uPoE (IEEE 802.3bt) - With this new standard coming in 2018, PoE Texas has developed 60 watt PoE PSE's with upcoming designs for 60 watt PoE splitters to support full capacity USB-C PD.

PoE Texas began offering its unique Power over Ethernet injectors under the WiFi-Texas brand in 2011. Today it offers a wide variety of low voltage power solutions to homes and businesses around the world, but it remains a small company dedicated to helping users do big things.

One of the world’s largest Internet based companies established in 1997, CoolGear offers innovative USB products paired with customer service and technical support.
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