Philips Launches new Free Voice Recorder app for iOS with Unlimited Audio Recording

August 30 2017, 02:50
Leading professional dictation solutions company Speech Processing Solutions launched a brand new version of their Philips voice recorder app for iOS. The intuitive new Philips voice recorder app offers professional functions such as inserting or cutting sequences, with browser-based file management and access to additional services such as speech recognition, including the Philips SpeechLive transcription service.

Speech Processing Solutions continues to expand its range of solutions that allow users to turn voice into text quickly and easily from anywhere. The new Philips Voice Recorder app for iOS improves upon the existing version, now providing everything a user can expect from a dictation solution that can also be used as a convenient recorder for interviews and classes.

“The app allows you to take advantage of every spare minute; whether it is time spent outside your office, traveling in your car or waiting at the airport. Record, edit and send your recordings for transcription from anywhere and save time,” explains Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions. “Dictation isn’t just for attorneys, physicians and insurance adjusters. It can help any professional work more efficiently and productively — and truly make every minute of their time count,” Brauner adds.

The new app works in perfect harmony with Philips’ dictation workflow solution SpeechLive, which offers additional services such as browser-based file management, automatic speech recognition and a transcription service, where trained professionals can transcribe even the most complex documents. Integrating the solution with a personal assistant is also effortless. “Whether we just walk out of court, we are in another office or at home, it doesn't matter. We are able to send our dictations immediately to our secretaries for transcription,” says Dan Hutchinson, Managing Director at Cooke and Hutchinson, a renowned Australian law firm using Philips dictation solutions.

Philips has a long history of offering seamless end-to-end dictation solutions for their users. From reliable high quality hardware input devices such as the renowned Philips SpeechMike Premium to the various workflow and transcription software solutions, Philips has long established itself as a leader in the dictation industry. “Philips has been in the dictation business for over 60 years. The SpeechMike Premium has proven itself as THE benchmark for professional dictation microphones in the industry and with our SpeechLive dictation workflow solution and voice recorder app, we are taking dictation to the next level,” adds Dr. Brauner.

The new free Philips voice recorder app can be downloaded from the iTunes store for iOS and for Android users from the Google Play Store.
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