OPPO Reno Series Smartphone Comes Integrated with Nokia OZO Audio Capture Capabilities

May 27 2019, 00:10
The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition comes integrated with Audio 3D and Audio Zoom. Audio 3D allows users to immerse themselves in sound, capturing the full audio landscape with vibrant depth, direction and detail. It delivers a natural sound experience and high-fidelity audio within one degree of accuracy. Audio Zoom acts like a telephoto lens for audio, allowing users to dynamically pinpoint and amplify sound to correspond to zoomed video.

The Audio 3D and Audio Zoom capabilities are integrated into the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition, which contains three microphones in the device to enable full spatial audio capture. The features work with the native camera application, meaning no additional software installation is required.
“Nokia announced a patent license agreement with OPPO in November 2018. We are now excited to be deepening our relationship with one of China’s biggest consumer device brands. By integrating OZO Audio technologies, OPPO is demonstrating its commitment to helping consumers create immersive content and experiences through devices such as the OPPO Reno series. This collaboration between the Nokia OZO team and OPPO is a testament to that – allowing users to capture and share high-fidelity and true-to-life audio that matches the quality of the camera in their device,” says Paul Melin, VP of Technology Licensing at Nokia Technologies.
The OPPO Reno series is designed to provide great user experiences and augment the content users capture through the device. OZO Audio enhances this, providing true-to-life audio experiences that match the quality of the built-in camera. The Nokia OZO team worked with OPPO to optimize and fine-tune the OZO Audio algorithms based on the placement of the microphones in the OPPO device, and ensured the software integrated seamlessly with Reno’s ColorOS 6 Android-based user interface.

Part of Nokia’s Technology Licensing business, OZO is a family of smartphone audio and visual technologies, developed by the company's research teams, including the world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs. This includes OZO Audio Capture solutions, which also features Audio Focus and Audio Windscreen; OZO Audio Edit solutions, including Audio Tune to let users edit the audio content they capture; and OZO Playback to improve the overall audio quality of user generated, entertainment and gaming content.

For more information about the OZO Audio technologies read the article by Jyri Huopaniemi and Kai Havukainen from Nokia Technologies, available online here.
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