Numark Ships New NTX1000 Professional Direct-Drive Turntable

August 21 2017, 03:10
Numark, a leading brand of DJ solutions, announced the immediate availability of its new NTX1000 Professional Direct-Drive Turntable. The company delivers an impressive new turntable perfectly suited to professional performance, with superior starting torque, 12” aluminum platter and rugged, precision tonearm. The NTX1000 is also an excellent choice for any vinyl enthusiasts looking for a reliable turntable at an affordable price.

Recognizing a critical need in the marketplace for a professional turntable that capitalizes on the resurgent popularity of vinyl for DJ gigs, while also being mindful of the need for both versatility and value, the Numark NTX1000 direct-drive turntable has all the features and performance demanded by the professional DJ. Also, for the vinyl enthusiast looking for a reliable and affordable turntable, the NTX1000 will not disappoint, featuring a built-in phono preamp with line out and USB digital output for connectivity with any type of audio systems.

It has incredible start-up torque (4kg), an S-shaped tone arm with height adjustment, damped cueing and anti-skate controls that ensure accurate tracking and precise song selection. DJs can customize their performance with an adjustable start/stop control. The variable pitch range of ± 8, 16 and 50% (Ultra-pitch) enables any DJ to create the perfect effect. Plus, the NTX1000’s special isolation design easily resists feedback and external vibrations, even in the loud, bass-heavy environment where the professional DJ lives.

Key Features
• Full-size 12-inch 2.5-lb platter ensures rock-steady speed accuracy
• Professional 4.0 KGF/CM high-torque motor
• 2-speed: design: 33 1/3, 45 RPM
• S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking
• Damped cueing and anti-skate control
• Adjustable pitch range ±8%, 16%, 50% (Ultra-pitch)
• Start and stop brake controls
• Dust cover included
• Switchable power, 100~230V, 50~60Hz

“This is a no-excuses, professional-level turntable was uniquely built for performance, versatility and rugged design,” says Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “Pro DJs will especially love its amazing start-up torque and adjustable pitch. The performance, features and value are unsurpassed—meaning everyone can just concentrate on the fun!”

US retail for the NTX1000 is $399.00 and it is available now.
Numark is a member of inMusic family of brands.
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