Nugen Audio Launches New Bundles With Special Upgrade Options For Existing Users

June 21 2018, 01:15
Nugen Audio, developer of modern tools for today’s production environments, has announced the release of six new software bundles specifically designed to deliver its proprietary algorithms in inspiring, workflow enhancing combinations for music and post-production engineers. The new bundles now feature the latest generation of software tools for post-production, loudness management, metering, and mixing/mastering.

Bundles for Post-production
Loudness Toolkit: The industry standard toolset is now updated to include the DynApt extension for LM-Correct. LM-Correct works in concert alongside VisLM and ISL to deliver unsurpassed quality and workflow efficiency. 

Surround Suite: A new toolset including Halo Upmix, Halo Downmix, ISL surround limiter and SEQ-S surround match & morph corrective spline EQ. From stereo to 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, Auro 3D and Ambisonic output, the new surround suite is a perfect complement to any multichannel workflow.

Nugen Post: An uncompromising collection of 11 plug-ins for high-quality broadcast, film and game audio production. Containing a complete loudness solution including true-peak limiting, leading upmix and downmix tools, a comprehensive audio analysis suite, transparent auto-match EQ and three stereo control plug-ins, Nugen Post delivers the same essential post-production tools used by leading facilities around the world. 

Bundles for Music Production
Focus: This bundle includes Stereoizer, Stereoplacer and Monofilter, and provides reliable, full-frequency stereo enhancement, correction and bass management. These plug-ins can naturally widen or reduce the stereo image, focus and define low frequencies, and move specific captured spectra within the stereo sound field. 

Modern Mastering: A complete toolset for effortless mastering, with confidence and precision in today's world of digital consumption through music streaming services. Including MasterCheck streaming service auditioning and metering, ISL True Peak limiter and Visualizer comprehensive audio analysis.

Nugen Producer: Designed specifically for today's mix and mastering challenges, these eight leading plug-ins that comprise Nugen Producer expand and enhance any production environment. These include MasterCheck, ISL, Visualizer, Stereoizer, Stereoplacer, Monofilter, SEQ-ST match and morph EQ and SigMod signal modification utility.

Pricing and Availability
Loudness Toolkit, Surround Suite, Nugen Post, Focus, Modern Mastering, Nugen Producer are available now at and select retailers. Upgrade pricing can be found in an individual’s user account information.

●     Loudness Toolkit- $899
●     Surround Suite- $899
●     Nugen Post- $1499
●     Focus- $199
●     Modern Mastering- $299
●     Nugen Producer- $499
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