New Arc-1 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones by Aiwa Feature Biocellulose-Diaphragm Drivers

August 22 2018, 01:25
Aiwa, the consumer audio brand that has been recently resurrected as an American, Chicago-based audio company is now mainly focusing in wireless audio products, including speakers and headphones. The company now announced the official launch of its new Arc-1 Bluetooth headphone the brand's first over-ear model, focusing on "under the hood" technology, such as the use of a 40mm biocellulose-diaphragm dynamic driver, unique in this class of device.

The new Aiwa product, which was unveiled in July 2018 and open for pre-order, is now available for purchase and immediate shipping on and Amazon Prime. The Arc-1 Bluetooth headphones use a battle-tested design — lightweight, durable, comfortable and functional, including replaceable leather ear pads and aluminum construction — for the exterior of the headphone and is focused on maximizing the hardware to deliver an optimal sound experience.

"We are excited to bring the Aiwa Arc-1 Bluetooth headphone to the market. Now consumers can enjoy an unrivaled audio experience, backed by class-leading technology, at an attractive price point," says Mike Sullivan, Aiwa CEO. "Tireless dedication and relentless attention to detail went into making sure this device would deliver a superior sound stage for our customers, and we are confident users will agree after one listen—the sound is superb."

The new 40mm biocellulose-diaphragm drivers deliver not only an improved frequency response, but more importantly low distortion in high frequencies. Biocellulose is a material similar to paper but is actually produced by bacteria which results in much smaller fibers and much purer cellulose content. This gives it a stiffness that’s comparable to some metallic cones while ensuring the driver is still very lightweight. This is a technology that has only in the past few years become remotely affordable for headphones, and the Arc-1 is the first headphone in its class to feature this type of driver.

Further, the Arc-1's high performance Qualcomm CSR8670 chip with AAC, aptX, and aptX Low Latency codecs and 24-bit DSP used to tune the frequency response of the headphone, and minimize lag between audio and visual media.

Additionally, the Arc-1's dual-radio chipset allows the headphones to connect to two sources at once, or send audio to another Bluetooth device. Using the Qconnect feature, anything streaming via Arc-1 can also be mirrored on another pair of Bluetooth headphones, regardless of brand.

The Arc-1 headphones offer 33+ feet of Bluetooth range and a battery life of 20 hours when fully charged. The Aiwa Arc-1 Bluetooth headphones are sold  for $199.99 in a robust travel case and come with a three-year, no-questions-asked warranty.
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