What You Need To Know About Smart Speaker Acoustic Measurements

August 28 2019, 05:10
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Smart speakers are a relatively new class of consumer audio device with unique characteristics that make testing their audio performance difficult. In this new application note, Audio Precision provides an overview of smart speaker acoustic measurements with a focus on frequency response – the most important objective measurement of a device’s audio quality. 

A smart speaker is an Internet-connected (usually wireless) powered speaker with built-in microphones that enables you to interact with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) using voice commands. Using voice only, you can direct it to perform tasks such as play audio content (news, music or podcasts, etc.) from the internet or a connected device, control home automation devices, or even order items from a connected online shopping service. Amazon was the first major company to release a smart speaker, called the Echo, with its IVA known as Alexa, and it still has the dominant market share. Other significant entrants in this space include Alphabet (Google Assistant on Google Home speakers), Apple (Siri on HomePod speakers), Microsoft (Cortana on 3rd party speakers), Samsung (Bixby on Galaxy Home speakers) and a few others from China, Japan and South Korea.

Smart speakers can typically play audio content from an online music service or internet radio station, or from a user’s own music repository located either in “the cloud” or on a user’s device. Usually, it’s not possible to get an exact copy of the audio file streamed from a third-party streaming service. Therefore, the best approach is to prepare an audio file containing the stimulus signal and upload it to the music repository. Once the file containing the stimulus signal has been prepared and uploaded to the connected music service, the test can be conducted.

The tests mentioned in the application note can be performed applying APx Analyzers such as the APx511, APx515, APx52x Series, APx555, and APx58x Series.

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