MISCO Advances R&D Initiatives With New Hire

January 31 2017, 03:10
MISCO announced that, as of January 1, Tom James has joined their engineering group to serve in the newly created role of Senior Engineer of Applications and Design. Tom James is well known and highly respected among speaker designers. Earning his BSEET with Audio Elective degree from Western Kentucky University in 1985, Tom’s practical experience includes over 30 years in positions conducting loudspeaker development.

Remarking on the hire, MISCO CEO, Dan Digre enthused – “I’ve known Tom James and admired his work for much of his career.  All of us at MISCO are very excited that Tom has joined our team”. In recent years MISCO has aggressively invested in resources to modernize and establish MISCO as a world-class speaker development house to support the demanding needs of OEM customers. Last years acquisition of Warkwyn expanded the strategy to also offer leading edge test, verification and design support for audio products designers and brands. Digre noted, “I’m looking forward to have Tom help lead our R&D efforts. Working with our Chief Engineer, Rich Fields and his talented team, and with access to the resources of Warkwyn, I’m confident Tom will play a key role in our effort to make MISCO a leading innovator of speakers and audio systems”.

Tom’s work in roles of Design Engineer, Product Design Manager and Senior Applications Manager has provided experiences and produced a skill set uniquely suited to lead R&D at MISCO. Tom shared “as a musician, audio is not only a place to pursue my engineering interests, but a place of passion for the perfection and art of related technologies. I’m excited to work with folks that share that passion. I’m also thrilled to have access to the best of tools, to work with an extremely knowledgeable and talented team, and to do so in a great environment that supports my work to help advance the art of speaker design and contribute to MISCO’s continued success.”
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