Mackie Expands DL Series Stagebox Mixer Lineup With Two New Models

June 21 2018, 04:00
Mackie announced two all-new DL Series digital mixers, the 16-channel DL16S and 32-channel DL32S Wireless Digital Live Sound Mixers with built-in Wi-Fi for multi-platform control. Since the stagebox mixer form factor was introduced, the world of live mixing, particularly for events, small clubs and band rehearsals was never the same. Mackie is leading the category and just announced an expansion of the Wi-fi equipped mixers, together with an ambitious upgrade path for its Master Fader tablet, Mac and PC control software.

Delivering the proven performance and intuitive control that the DL Series is known for, the new DL16S and DL32S stagebox digital mixers offer an all-new affordable, Built-Like-A-Tank portable solution with built-in Wi-Fi. This all-new stage- and rack-friendly design is perfect for bands, venues, clubs, and anyone that "needs the benefits of a digital mixer in a versatile form factor that won't break the bank," as Mackie appropriately states.

Both models make it easier than ever to get a mix right out of the box with built-in Wi-Fi networking and multi-platform support on Mackie's Master Fader control app for iOS and Android. Equipped with Onyx+ mic preamps, fully loaded DSP on each input and output plus 4 FX processors, the new DL32S and DL16S deliver the mixing power users need to sound great every night. They also get a whole new suite of effects like chorus, flanger, rotary, auto-filter, and much more. All these are easily accessed via a refreshed interface that allows more freedom for choosing effects and seeing what is currently selected.

Popular among DL32R users, DL16S and DL32S feature full multi-track recording via USB to create live recordings and even play them back into each channel for an easy virtual sound check. Not only is this great for recording performances, it's also great in the studio when users need a high number of inputs for recording.

"This is the next evolution of the DL Series," remarks Mackie Product Manager, Matt Herrin. "With rock-solid, great-sounding hardware and the most proven control app, Master Fader - Mackie is continuing to bring professional quality and intuitive control to price points that make sense for users of all levels."

The Mackie DL16S and DL32S are available worldwide beginning Fall, 2018. Sold individually, the US MSRP pricing is $999.99 for the DL16S, and $1819.99 for the DL32S. The Master Fader 5.0 app will be available as a free download on iOS and Android devices in Fall, 2018.

Master Fader Upgrade Plan
Mackie already confirmed that Master Fader 5.1 will introduce macOS and Windows support, adding to the current iOS app and the Android support introduced with Master Fader 5.0. The software will be continuously updated in coming months, progressively adding new features, capabilities, and refinements. 

With upcoming releases of Master Fader, users will have more choices than ever on how they can control their DL Series mixer on up to 20 devices simultaneously. A whole new suite of FX plus a refreshed interface will make it easier to choose the type and see what is currently assigned. The DL32R mixer is also getting a major upgrade with the addition of another FX processor for a total of 4 different FX running simultaneously.
The DC16 mixer is also getting the ability to create 8 fully user-assignable buttons plus an assignable encoder per channel. To keep settings and mixes from accidental changes, the entire console can now be locked, perfect for multi-user applications. Snapshots are one of the best benefits of a digital mixer and are a great way to instantly change a mix on the fly, and now users can switch with a single push of a button, perfect for theaters that require multiple changes throughout a show.
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