Lucid Audio Delivers Enhanced Listening Experiences

October 13 2016, 04:10
Lucid Audio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hearing Lab Technology, which is a leading provider of hearing aids and instruments. Lucid Audio announced availability of its AMPED headphones and neckbands incorporating a patent pending technology that the company says offers superior clarity and customizable control of outside sound, with amplification up to 9x. Instead of focusing on generic ambient noise cancelling, Lucid Audio AMPED Bluetooth products enhance selected audio signals against undesired noise, allowing users to clearly hear any streaming media and choose to hear outside ambient sounds such as traffic, nature and conversations.

“We help people hear better at all ages and stages. With our patent pending AMPED equipment, Lucid Audio amplifies the outside world for clearer conversations and more enjoyable experiences,” says Tim Schnell, CEO, Lucid Audio. “Our commitment to quality, superior engineering and the proven audio technology embedded in the product line gives everyone the control to customize their listening experience by hearing more of what they want and less of what they don’t.”

Users control what they want to hear via what Lucid Audio calls the “AND Control Center.” At the touch of a button, media and call volumes are adjustable, offering clear sound at just the right volume, with up to 9x amplification for ambient sounds. Utilizing Sound Activated Compression (SAC), the AMPED products can instantly shut down excessively loud or harmful noises from sporting events, auto races, concerts and construction.

The Lucid Audio product offering includes headphones, neckbands and wireless streamers that transmit TV, smartphone, and computer audio directly to Lucid Audio headphones or neckbands via a low latency Bluetooth wireless technology. Lucid Audio neckbands, which weigh only 1.6 ounces, offer 10 hours of normal use with one battery charge. Prices start at $79 for wireless audio streamers, $69 for headphones and $129 for neckbands and are available now.
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