Listen SoundCheck Online Training: Advanced Sequence Writing

July 8 2020, 00:50
While Listen, Inc. continues to expand its series of videos about the latest SoundCheck 18 features and how to do audio test and measurement working from home, the Boston-based company also continues its series of online training classes. Designed to offer more chances for participants to gain advanced skills, the next online training class, about Advanced Sequence Writing, takes place Tuesday, July 14.

The development and optimization of test sequences and automation was one of the focus of the latest SoundCheck 18 release - Listen, Inc.’s flagship audio test and measurement software.

Following on from the Basic Sequence Writing course that was held in June, Listen now announced its second online training class, Advanced Sequence Writing, on Tuesday, July 14th at 9.00am and 2.00pm Eastern time. This 2-hour online session will focus on tools that can be used to develop advanced sequences, including sub-sequences, sequence loops, logic and external control.

Subsequences are full sequences that can be run as a single step inside another sequence. This eliminates the need to recreate the same group of steps in multiple sequences and is ideal for sequences where the same measurement needs to be repeated with different parameters, for example testing a device with varying levels of background noise.

Next, the online class will cover sequence loops and logic. In this section, attendees will learn how to configure steps to add loops to their sequences to repeat a section of the sequence a set number of times, and conditional branching so that the progression of the sequence is dependent on the pass/fail status of a step.

Finally, participants will learn how to control and automate SoundCheck sequences using external programs via TCP/IP. They will also learn how to use a new feature of SoundCheck 18 that allows the user to pass test configuration data directly into the memory list.
Test sequences in SoundCheck 18 audio test and measurement software.
Online training classes assume that attendees understand basic sequence writing using Python and LabVIEW as examples for TCP/IP control. The training does not go into details on how to use those languages. SoundCheck TCP/IP control is language agnostic, and any program that can communicate via TCP/IP can communicate with SoundCheck.

This class is FREE for SoundCheck support contract holders and $79 for all others. Registration is available here:
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