Libre Wireless Technologies Powers ADX RIVA WAND Wireless Portable Audio Product Line

April 17 2017, 03:10
Libre Wireless Technologies confirmed a technology partnership with RIVA Audio, the lifestyle brand of Audio Design Experts, Inc. (ADX), to supply its embedded Wi-Fi and Wireless solutions.  Already recognized for its high quality portable Bluetooth speakers RIVA S and Turbo X, applying its patented Trillium technology, RIVA Audio is about to launch its new WAND Series speakers, with the Arena and Festival models, supporting all possible audio streaming options as well as up to 24-bit/192kHz.

The experienced and knowledgeable RIVA engineering Team has been building and designing award winning products for years now, led by founder and Chief Creative Officer, Rikki Farr, and Don North, President and Chief Engineer, which has the know how and experience to create excellence in all that they design with Rikki’s legacy in the music industry, their engineering legacy and the experience the team members bring from their time with global brands.

RIVA entered the market just a few years ago with a focus on Bluetooth audio streaming and has become a lauded brand in mainstream audio products, delivering a truly premium audio experience. With their new WAND Series of multi-room “+” speakers, RIVA is raising the bar by adding high-resolution Wi-Fi streaming that features multi-device, multi-room and indoor/outdoor operation. The RIVA WAND Series brings the most advanced connectivity experience by leveraging Libre’s industry-leading LibreSync wireless audio streaming platform with the unique DDMS direct streaming technology, highest quality audio with RIVA’s patented Trillium audio technology for stereophonic sound from a single speaker, broad ecosystem support, and the most advanced new features by partnering with the best technologies available.
The RIVA WAND speakers, Arena and Festival.
The first products launching from the RIVA WAND Series include the RIVA Arena and RIVA Festival. Already recognized as best-in-class audio products, they deliver consumers a customizable and easy-to-use multi-room “+” audio system that delivers high-quality, patented stereophonic sound from a single speaker. The result is an unrivaled audio experience that can play to any room or outdoor location from any networked or online source; offering a new way to wirelessly play all your favorite music without restrictions.

The new RIVA WAND speakers support all the major wired and wireless connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay, and Chromecast so users can stream their music/tunes/podcasts/playlists from favorite apps on a phone, tablet or laptop directly to the speakers. Users also will have the flexibility to connect multiple WAND speakers or other Chromecast built-in speakers with the Google Home app.

“RIVA’s roots run deep in identifying best-in-class third party technologies and integrating them into a comprehensive solution for a great innovative product. We look at what is out there and evaluate what best-in-class technologies we want to incorporate, how we will incorporate them and the right design,” says Rikki Farr, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at ADX, Inc.
audioXpress editor-in-chief J.Martins
and Rikki Farr at CES 2017.
“The DNA of the RIVA founders is quite unique combining advanced high-end audio technology with direct music industry experience for live audio events and recordings with ties to some of the industry’s most renowned artists,” says Hooman Kashef, Chief Executive Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies. “Working with music industry insider Rikki Farr and his team has been a pleasure and to be selected as their streaming technology platform is quite an honor. We see their design, audio fidelity and marketing as ground breaking and already the awards from IFA and CEDIA trade show launch activities are rolling in.”

Even as ADX new WAND Series of multi-room “+” speakers are prepared for launch, RIVA is winning significant industry praise as well as awards. At the 2017 CES show, the RIVA Arena and RIVA Festival speakers were each named CES 2017 Innovation Award Honorees and received the 2017 Mark of Excellence Award for the Multi-room Audio/Video Product of the Year category. In addition, the WAND Series was awarded the TWICE Picks Award at CES and has received Residential System’s and TWICE’s Best of Show Awards at CEDIA 2016. audioXpress had the opportunity to listen to both WAND Series models, and in particular the Festival, proudly demoed by the company's founder, Rikki Farr, and we can attest this is a jaw-dropping speaker, with more in common to what we would expect to hear from a studio monitor than a $499 consumer product. Both WAND series models are expected in retail in May 2017. |
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