Libratone Launches Libratone ONE Click Adaptable Portable Bluetooth Speaker

July 7 2016, 03:10
Libratone announced the launch of the Libratone ONE Click, a new portable speaker that fits easily into any bag and links seamlessly to mobile devices and other Libratone Bluetooth speakers. This new Bluetooth 4.1 speaker features the company’s signature 360° sound and Scandinavian design, and 12 hours of battery life. The ONE Click combines a 3” woofer, 1” tweeter and two passive drivers in a lightweight splash-proof chassis with protective rubber frame and interchangeable handles.

2015 marked the launch of Libratone’s ZIPP redesign and the new ZIPP MINI, offering improved sound in a portable Multi-Room solution. These two powerful speakers brought users a new level of connectivity – allowing them to link up to 6 speakers with a simple drag and drop functionality in the Libratone App. The brand now says the new ONE Click is the natural follow-up to the ZIPP and ZIPP MINI, “designed for unhindered sound for everyday outdoor events and adventures.”

Libratone CEO Jan McNair explains, “Today everyone’s an audiophile. We wouldn’t think of gathering for social activities like a picnic in the park, much less go on holiday, without having our playlists and our speakers along for the ride. We believe the soundtracks of our lives aren’t only created at home – they’re created when we’re out with our friends, living our lives and exploring the world. That’s why we created the Libratone ONE Click. It can hang on your bike or a bench and rest easily on a grassy plane – its adaptability makes it ready to take on any everyday adventure with you.”

As part of a new generation of Bluetooth speakers, the ONE Click leverages Libratone’s 360° sound technology to deliver excellent acoustics in a small, durable, adaptable package. McNair continues, “Many on-the-go speakers are built to withstand extreme weather or shock, thereby sacrificing sound quality. We took the opposite approach with the ONE Click, and thought through what it means to put sound at the centre of your everyday on-the-go activities. We asked ourselves what practical improvements we could make, from how users pack and carry the speaker, to how it sits or hangs in outdoor environments.”

The ONE Click is shaped like a book to pack easily into a backpack or messenger bag (Dimensions: 12 x 4.1 x 20.5 cm, Weight 900g/2lbs). It features a sporty bumper-like frame with two interchangeable handles – one conventional and one hook for hanging on a bag, bench or branch. With a click or two the user can change the way it carries or wears it. “By introducing the ONE Click concept we are adding a new level of adaptability to Bluetooth speakers. More handles and wearing styles will be available as accessories in the future,” says McNair.

Along with the ONE Click (€199/$199), Libratone is launching the ONE Style (€199/$199) and the TOO (€149/$149) speakers, also designed to easily slip into a bag and go. All three on-the-go speakers feature Libratone’s 360° sound and can link together to create even bigger sound for a bigger group. They also deliver the same intuitive user experience Libratone is known for: they can be controlled and linked via their cool touch interface and the Libratone App; and they feature Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth +1 technology (which links two Bluetooth speakers together or one Bluetooth speaker with one ZIPP/ZIPP MINI).

The new speakers also boast a built-in speakerphone, over 12 hours of battery life – and they are splash resistant. They are available in three distinct Libratone colours: Graphite Grey and Cloudy Grey, which match ZIPP and ZIPP MINI colours, and new Caribbean Green. The company says more colors and accessories will be added later.
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