LD Systems Introduces Stinger G3 High-Performance Speaker Range

February 23 2017, 01:30
The Adam Hall Group launched its new STINGER G3 Series from LD Systems. In its third generation, this professional series of multi-functional full-range speakers and subwoofers has been significantly improved. Available in active and passive versions, providing both excellent sound and an array of practical detail solutions, these robust and roadworthy sound systems feature custom designed LF drivers and HF units from BMS Speakers, maintaining the usual excellent price-performance ratio.

The new STINGER G3 series comprises active and passive speaker cabinets in 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch formats, as well as two 15-inch and 18-inch subwoofers, available in active or passive versions. All cabinets are made from high-quality 15 or 18 mm birch ply, which, in conjunction with the tuned bass reflex enclosures, ensures accurate bass response. The abrasion and impact resistant polyurea plastic coating repels dirt and guarantees longevity. All active speakers are equipped with powerful class D amplifiers.

For this their generation STINGER series, the dispersion characteristic of the full range speakers has been further optimised in the high frequency range. During the development and optimization of the horns, the Boundary Element Method (BEM) was used, and the distance between the tweeter drivers and woofers has been minimized to avoid partial drop-outs caused by comb filter effects. DynX DSP technology, a proprietary development from LD Systems, improves the sound and allows for four precisely tuned presets (full range, satellite, monitor, flat) to be stored in the full range speakers and optimized for the desired application at the touch of a button.

In addition to three different high-cut filters, the active STINGER G3 subwoofer’s DSP presets also feature a cardioid preset. By combining three STINGER G3 subwoofers of the same design, a cardioid dispersion characteristic is achieved with this circuitry, which offers a number of qualitative advantages over conventional subwoofer setups.

Dual-Tilt stand attachments, flight points, stack moulds as well as ergonomic handles make the STINGER G3 Series from LD Systems a perfect solution for professional artists, and fixed installations. The extensive range of STINGER accessories includes clever mounting hardware, padded protective covers and a stackable roll board for easy transport.

As Viktor Wiesner, Pro Audio Product Manager explains, “the new STINGER G3 series speakers are highly professional PA solutions and reliable tools for the professional user. LD Systems has incorporated numerous unique technical features into these new developments and in doing so has improved the sound even further.”
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