Lavoce WSF121.70G 12” Guitar Speaker Selected for New Orange Tremlord 30 Combo

January 24 2019, 00:55
Transducer company Lavoce Italiana is kicking-off another edition of the NAMM Show with the announcement that iconic guitar amp brand Orange Amplifiers have selected the Lavoce WSF121.70G 12” guitar speaker for their most vintage guitar amplifier ever, the new TremLord 30 combo. Officially launching at NAMM 2019, and pitched by Orange as ‘The Amp We Never Made – Until Today’, the TremLord 30 is a 30W 1x12 all valve guitar combo, with built-in valve driven tremolo and reverb, engineered as a fifties inspired amp for the modern player.

Designed in the UK by Orange’s Technical Director, Ade Emsley, and built with clean players in mind, the TremLord features; EL84 valves which provide loads of clean headroom, Valve Tremolo with two foot switchable speeds, a two spring Reverb tank, a post-tremolo FX loop, a Headroom (30W/15W) or Bedroom (2W/1W) Switch, and of course the Lavoce WSF121.70G, 12” guitar speaker which has 100W AES power handling and a sensitivity of 99dB.

“The WSF121.70G is a really great all-round speaker which is smooth, clean and warm, with a clear defined sound, and works great for this amp and the clean headroom it offers; Literally throw anything at this amp, and it simply takes it in its stride,” states Ade Emsley, Orange technical director.

“Orange Amplifiers is a legendary brand with an amazing heritage, so we are all very proud to become a part of their history and be involved in such an impressive product,” commented Kevin Shove, Lavoce International Sales Director.
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