Klippel Releases dB-Lab Software Update and new Application Notes

August 2 2019, 01:45
Klippel's software dB-Lab version 210, the unified framework for R&D and QC audio testing, diagnostics and simulation, has received a free maintenance update. The update includes bug fixes and minor feature updates for released modules and beta test products like the Live Audio Analyzer (LAA). dB-Lab is a project-oriented Windows application to configure and run measurements, simulations, and generate HTML or PDF reports, featuring all sorts of templates for common test setups.

In modern audio system manufacturing, research and development (R&D) should be closely connected to quality control (QC) in pre-production and end-of-line testing for optimal product performance, and maximal yield. The new unified release of the dB-Lab framework software benefits from the latest modular Klippel Analyzer 3 (KA3) hardware, which can be tailored to the particular requirement of the application while supporting the full range of Klippel software modules. Extension cards like Laser (+ microphone), XLR, Speaker and Amplifier Card provide a high level of scalability and flexibility.

The dB-Lab unified software framework for R&D and QC audio testing, diagnostics and simulation, creates a cost-effective and flexible solution from prototyping to mass production and end-of-line applications. As a leading provider of test equipment dedicated to electro-acoustical transducers and audio systems, Klippel continuously expands and updates its hardware and software. More information about the new software update and ongoing special discount promotions on dB-Lab 210 updates can be found on the company's website. For further information download the “What’s new in dB-Lab 210” document guide here.

With the release of dB-Lab version 210 update, Klippel also announced that support for dB-Lab version 202 will end with the year 2019. This version was released in the year 2008 and was designed for Windows XP, for which Microsoft stopped the support already in April 2014. Klippel highly recommends an update to the latest version for optimal performance and benefitting from great new features. 

New Application Notes
Klippel has also released new application notes for the Klippel Analyzer System. The more recent guides provide practical instructions for dealing with testing modern, wireless audio systems, including speakers with Bluetooth wireless technology, wireless headphones, smart home devices, tablets, smartphones, car audio systems, TV sets and many more. In addition to testing the acoustical output, the app notes also describe procedures for microphones for communication and voice services that are included in most devices today.

The app notes cover the following features: 
- Measurement of audio devices with long and variable delay
- Test strategies for closed- and open loop-testing (based on audio files)
- Focus on Bluetooth wireless technology.

“AN72 Testing wireless audio devices with Klippel R&D System” is suitable for lab testing application using Klippel R&D framework focusing on Frequency response, Harmonic Distortion, Rub and Buzz and Intermodulation Distortion using Transfer Function (TRF) and 3D Distortion (DIS) measurement tools.

The second app note “AN76 Quality Control of Wireless Audio Devices” focuses on fast quality control in lab or end of production line note using the Klippel QC Framework. It addresses topics like robustness and speed with assisted pairing and Bluetooth audio profile control. It includes features of the Qc Standard software as well as related add-on modules like SYN (External Synchronization) for sample-accurate testing using unique noise trigger ID signals.

The new application notes are now available on the Klippel website.
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