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July 19 2013, 13:01

Photo 1: The D-fend SA300 protects passive loudspeakers from excessive power conditions.

Eminence Speaker recently introduced the D-fend SA300, a fully programmable stand-alone unit designed to protect passive loudspeakers from excessive power conditions. With patent-pending technology, D-fend enables maximum driver performance while ensuring damage-free operation.

D-fend eliminates worries about blown speakers, HF drivers, or crossovers; or even worse, fire caused by excessive heat. D-fend keeps your system safe as well as your venue and audience. You simply set the thresholds and D-fend monitors and limits the amount of input power it passes through to the loudspeaker. It’s USB compatible and can be programmed to your specifications from a desktop or laptop.

Operating from a standard speaker-level signal, the D-fend SA300 requires no auxiliary power unless it is used in low-power applications. D-fend loudspeaker protection is ideal for system installers, PA gear rental companies, OEM manufacturers, and end-users who own passive loudspeakers.

The D-fend SA300 is available to resellers through Eminence’s dealers and distributor networks, and direct to consumers through www.D-fend.net. For more information, visit www.D-fend.net and www.Eminence.com/d-fend.

Photo 2: KICKER Cush Talk headphones now provide a lightweight microphone and single multi-function button.

Cush Headphones Receive an Upgrade

KICKER has added more features and conveniences to its Cush Talk headphones. KICKER Cush Talk headphones now provide a lightweight microphone and single multifunction button for listening convenience and to easily transfer sound during phone calls. Cush Talk headphones also come with a protective storage pouch.

Featuring an ultra-lightweight design and thick over-the-ear cushions, Cush headphones provide comfort, detailed acoustics, a lavish fit, and now a microphone. With 54-mm speakers and a 118-dB maximum output, these headphones provide the bass response and tonal accuracy for which KICKER is known.

Cush Talk utilizes a 53”, Kevlar-reinforced, flat cable to provide more freedom for movement. The flat cable is smooth and less prone to tangles. Kevlar, the same material used in military and law enforcement bulletproof vests, enables the KICKER Ultra-Gauge cable to perform under the most strenuous factory testing. The angled “L” plug (0.125”, corrosion-resistant) provides strain relief and connects to any iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or KICKER Docking System. For more information, visit www.kicker.com.

Photo 3: The SlimSub 10” aluminum driver is encased in a narrow enclosure with a flat flush-mount grill.

Triad Speakers Offers A Space-Saving Subwoofer

Triad Speakers, a leading custom manufacturer of home reference-quality loudspeakers, now offers the InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub. Measuring 3.938” deep to fit into a standard 4” deep wall cutout, the SlimSub’s flat grill, flush-mount design represents an aesthetic   improvement over the InWall Bronze/4 Sub, which protruded several inches from the wall.

The SlimSub delivers deep bass at high volumes, achieving a 109-dB maximum output from 40–80 Hz with –6-dB bass extension at 25 Hz. This performance rivals the company’s larger, 6” deep InWall Bronze/6 model.

The SlimSub fits into the same cut-out (size “V”) as the company’s other in-wall subwoofers, making it ideal for retrofit opportunities. To blend with a home’s décor, the SlimSub incorporates all three types of Triad’s Acoustimesh grill (wide, narrow, and frameless), which the company can custom paint-match at the factory.

The InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub is paired with Triad’s 350-W rack amplifier and costs $1,400. Dealers can contact Triad Speakers for more information at 800-666-6316 or visit www.triadspeakers.com.

Photo 4: Updatemydynaco now makes a regulated power supply upgrade kit for the PAT-4 preamplifier.

Kit Updates Classic Dynaco Preamp

DIY and vintage audio upgrades received a boost with Updatemydynaco’s regulated power supply upgrade kit for Dynaco’s PAT-4 Preamplifier.

According to Dan Joffe, of Updatemy dynaco, the regulated power supply circuit board replaces the old silver capacitor can while reusing the same mounting holes.

Updatemydynaco, a product line of Akitika, makes upgrade kits for Dynaco’s classic solid-state audio equipment. A range of enhancements are available for the Stereo 120 power amp and PAT-4 preamplifier. For more information, visit www.updatemydynaco.com.

Photo 5: The Audion Super Sterling 120 is a single-ended KT120 amplifier.

Single-Ended KT120 Amplifier

True Audiophile, an exclusive US importer for Audion Tube Audio, introduced what it describes as the world’s first single-ended KT120 amplifier at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, CA (May 31–June 2, 2013). The Audion Super Sterling 120 uses Tungsol KT120 pentode tubes. The amplifier delivers approximately 24 W into an 8-O load. The amplifier has been designed to work with lower-efficiency loudspeakers from approximately 86 dB and up. This product marks Audion’s move to less efficient speaker dependency for its amplifiers. Audion designs and manufacturers the transformers and chokes. Even the capacitors are made to Audion’s exact specifications. To ensure quality, the chassis are finished in-house, including the powder coating and electroplating. Every component is hand built, usually point to point. The Super Sterling 120 will also be available in a parallel single-ended 40-W amplifier and a 60-W push-pull amplifier. Both are mono blocks. For more information, visit www.trueaudiophile.com

Photo 6: B&C’s new DE980TN high-frequency driver shown here is just one of the new models B&C officially launched at the 2013 ProLight + Sound show.

B&C Adds New High-Frequency Drivers

B&C Speakers officially released several new and interesting products at the ProLight + Sound show, held in Frankfurt, Germany (April 10–13, 2013).

The updated range of 75-mm (3”) voice coil high-frequency drivers are particularly noteworthy. These drivers feature a robust titanium diaphragm that incorporates next-generation surround geometry with a new, optimized phase plug. Significant research has yielded a new coil former that solidifies the diaphragm with negligible increase in mass. The result is improved high-frequency linearity and reduced distortion. The 1.4” exit DE90TN (ferrite) and the DE980TN (neodymium) provide a solution for two-way point source enclosures, as well as for mounting a waveguide horn in multi-driver line array systems. The 2” exit DE985TN (neodymium) is also available.

The DE14 and the DE14TN are considered to be the next evolution of the industry standard DE12, a 1” exit ferrite magnet high-frequency driver. The 44-mm (1.7”) diaphragm driver features an optimized phase plug and rear cap that improve frequency response with lower distortion. Finally, the new DE254TN, 44-mm (1.7”) voice coil, titanium diaphragm high-frequency driver offers an excellent value in a 1.4” exit driver.

All new high-frequency driver models are now in production. For more information, visit www.bcspeakers.com

Photo 7: The MIGHTY G is a pocket-size D.I. box that plugs directly into most acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and keyboards.

sage ELECTRONICS Introduces a D.I. Box

sage ELECTRONICS now offers a direct input (D.I.) box called the SE-D.I.3 Mighty G. Designed by Quentin Meek of QZIC Engineering, in partnership with sage ELECTRONICS’s founder, Phillip Victor Bova, the MIGHTY G is a palm-size D.I. box featuring new old stock (N.O.S.) vintage germanium transistors.

The MIGHTY G is 3.5” long and 1.5” wide. It is housed in a showroom-finish die-cast enclosure. It fits in your pocket and plugs directly into most acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and keyboards. It has been designed to sound great, look important, and perform flawlessly in live and in-studio settings.

The unit is phantom powered. The input connector is a Switchcraft 0.25” male-switching jack. There is also a female input model (the SE-DI3 F MIGHTY G) for use with instruments with hard-to-get-to output connectors. The truly (not quasi) balanced output jack is an all-metal Switchcraft gold-plated three-pin XLR connector.

The MIGHTY G’s germanium transistors contribute a sonic presence not heard in passive transformer and integrated circuit (IC) direct-box designs.

The MIGHTY G features Class-A active electronics (no ICs) and hand-tested and matched vintage (N.O.S.) germanium transistors. The direct insertion (i.e., plugs directly into your instrument), eliminates signal loss, which lowers hum and interference in both single-coil and humbucking pickups. It is phantom powered (no batteries required), with symmetrically balanced outputs (not quasi balanced). A silent plug built into a 0.25” jack stops hums, squeals, and pops when the plug is removed from jack.

The SE-D.I.3 MIGHTY G costs approximately $300. It is available from the manufacturer. For more information, visit www.sageelectronics.com. aX

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