JLab Audio Launches Epic Executive Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

September 1 2017, 06:00
Designed to eliminate 90% of background noise and offering up to 7 hours of Bluetooth and ANC playtime at only $99, the new Epic Executive Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds are turning heads at IFA 2017 in Berlin. This is the first major incursion from the San Diego-based company outside the North American market, where they will be featuring also the Epic Air True Wireless Sport Earbuds, Party Series Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speakers and JBuds Pro Signature Bluetooth Earbuds. 

One of the fastest-growing consumer audio brands in the US, JLab Audio, now launched the Epic Executive Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds, which differentiates by being able to diminishing 90% of unwanted background noise with an in-ear design. Targeting an increasing number of users that use in-ears while commuting and during work, the JLab Epic Executive will allow users to focus on the music.

The JLab Epic Executive Earbuds hold 7 hours of Bluetooth and ANC playtime, 11 hours of Bluetooth playtime, or 50 hours of solo ANC playtime. All the controls are located on the inline remote where the users can play, pause, change tracks, and adjust volume, and there are two built-in microphones ideally located to allow clear phone calls as well.

Of particular interest in the new model is the imaginative customizable design of the Epic Executive, trying to combine the best of the neckband approach with a lighter approach for more energetic activities. Resting lightly around the user neck, the Epic Executives are built to adjust the earbuds to meet the users' exact fit and comfort. Packaged with a pop-on neckband for added support against the neck, as well as numerous sized eartips including one pair of Cush Fins for better fit. With the customizable design, users are able to also adjust the length of cord to ear to meet the ideal length, specific to every individual and activity type. The Epic Executive have an IP54 rating for sweat and moisture.

The new earbuds feature Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX wireless transmission for up to 30 feet from the device, and also allow connecting the audio source using the included aux adaptor, when battery runs out, or simply to plug into the airplane monitor and watch a movie.

"JLab will continue to make innovative technology accessible to all consumers with the Epic Executive Noise Canceling Earbuds," says CEO Win Cramer. "A product like the Epic Executive is virtually missing in the marketplace – an active noise canceling Bluetooth wireless earbud that won't break the bank and still offers the features consumers want: Comfort, secure fit, amazing sound and convenience. It's the perfect product for the busy commuter, traveler and savvy tech consumer."
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