JBL Professional Announces One Series 104-BT Desktop Coaxial Monitors with Bluetooth 5

December 4 2019, 00:25
Harman Professional Solutions announced the new JBL Professional One Series 104-BT desktop reference monitors with Bluetooth 5. The new design features a single coaxial driver that delivers clear, detailed sound while mixing and editing. The new compact and very affordable speakers were designed to enable content creators and audio professionals to stream accurate, studio-quality audio via Bluetooth or playback audio using a standard wired connection. 

“Music production has evolved beyond the recording studio, and today’s creative professionals and music lovers need reference monitors that deliver neutral, accurate sound to create mixes that translate well in a variety of listening environments,” says Chris Hansen, Director, Recording and Content Creation, Harman Professional Solutions. “With class-leading sound quality, impressive output and high-bandwidth Bluetooth 5.0 streaming capabilities, JBL 104-BT monitors provide an accurate, reliable sonic reference and a truly enjoyable listening experience. They’re perfect for musicians, producers, podcasters and professional audio engineers who want a compact reference monitor with the added benefit of Bluetooth at an accessible price.”

The JBL 104-BT reference monitor features a cutting-edge coaxial driver that pairs a contoured low-frequency woofer with a soft-dome tweeter, for accurate frequency response, superior imaging, crisp detail, and a wide sweet spot. The cabinet’s low-frequency port works with the driver to deliver impressive low frequency performance down to 60Hz. A powerful 60-watt Class D power amplifier distributes 30 watts per speaker for clear, undistorted, loudest-in-class output. And the One Series’ innovative acoustic design, optimized for desktop use, ensures accuracy without the need for additional EQ.

Beyond offering the convenience of audio playback from mobile devices, high-bandwidth Bluetooth 5.0 streaming provides the ability to reference mixes over Bluetooth using a professional monitor, rather than a consumer portable device, no matter what the playback environment.   

JBL 104-BT reference monitors integrate smoothly into any production workspace, thanks to smart features like a front-panel input control that selects Bluetooth, Aux, RCA, TRS or combines all inputs. Front-panel volume control allows convenient level adjustments without straying from the sweet spot, and a front-panel headphone jack conveniently mutes the speakers when users switch to headphones. Dual 1/4-inch balanced, dual RCA and single 1/8-inch inputs, along with Bluetooth accommodate a wide range of signal sources. 

JBL One Series reference monitors were created with the modern production lifestyle in mind. With an array of easily accessible input options, smart features and a sleek, compact design, JBL 104-BT monitors provide great sound in every listening scenario, with the added flexibility of wireless streaming. Black (104-BT) and white (104-BTW) finish options are available. An optional protective carrying case will also be available for production on the go.

The JBL Professional One Series 104-BT ($179) and 104-BTW ($179) will be available in the first quarter 2020. 
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