InvenSense And Sonion Announce Ultra Low-Noise, Low-Power, Miniature O-Series MEMS Microphones for Hearing Aid Applications

December 9 2016, 03:10
InvenSense, a leading provider of micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor platforms, and Sonion, manufacturer of micro acoustic and micro mechanical solutions for hearing instruments, in-ear earphones and specialty headsets, announced the release of the O-series MEMS microphone in 2 very small form factors: O8 (8mm³) and O11 (11mm³). The O-series products offer hearing aid manufacturers greater flexibility in hearing aid design.

The new O-series, which has been designed specifically for hearing aids, provides superior sound quality with very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), increased overload margin for extended dynamic range, and very low-power optimized for 0.9V operation. 

The O-series, which will begin to ship in volume in January 2017, is designed to meet the stringent directionality requirements of hearing aids. In Sonion’s dedicated manufacturing facilities the O series microphone sensitivity is precisely trimmed to the required sensitivity. This tight sensitivity distribution eliminates the need for sensitivity calibration between two microphones in a hearing aid. Combining this with low-humidity drift and long term stability of the O-series MEMS microphone, enables a perfectly stable directional system. With this ground breaking performance the O-series sets a new standard for MEMS microphones for hearing aids and is expected to be the microphone of choice for future designs.

“Our continued collaboration with Sonion is key to InvenSense’s strategy of bringing our micromechanical technologies and solutions for hearing instruments to market,” says Behrooz Abdi, president and CEO, InvenSense. “As a leading provider of Sound solutions for consumer electronic and industrial applications, InvenSense is committed to partnership with Sonion to develop technology to meet the stringent requirements of the Hearing Aid industry.”

“By adding this next generation of MEMS microphones to our already very strong electret microphone portfolio, we exemplify our commitment to provide customers with the broadest range of products for the hearing aid market,” says Jørn Mørkeberg, CEO, Sonion. |
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